18 Sept 2017

Tourism Month is in full swing, with the South African National Park (SANParks) once again opening its doors for free for South African National Parks Week from Monday, 18 September until Friday, 22 September.

The initiative is part of the annual South African National Parks Week. The campaign is held under the running theme ‘Know Your National Parks’. It allows locals, with valid identity documents, a chance to spend a day at a national park of their choice free of charge.

The week-long campaign is at all national parks managed by SANParks, with the exception of Boulders at Table Mountain National Park and Namaqua National Park.

Some of the parks will be extending the week to include the weekend. For individual park dates, please visit: www.sanparks.org/about/events

SANParks Head of Communications, Janine Raftopoulos, on Friday said the objective of the week is to cultivate a culture of pride in all South Africans in their relationship with the country’s natural, cultural and historical heritage.

“When people start to take pride in national parks, then we believe that they will start to understand the importance of conservation,” she said.

The idea of a national parks focus week is a worldwide campaign and was conceived in South Africa in 2006 after realising that the majority of South Africans were not visiting national parks.

The feature element of this campaign is the free access granted to all South African day visitors carrying their official IDs.

Persons under the age of 16 will be allowed free access without proof of identity. It should be noted that the free access to the parks will not include accommodation and any commercial activities in the park such as guided safaris in vehicles or guided walks.

This year’s SA National Parks Week will include exhibitions around the country at various key national parks, which will represent the different geographical regions of SANParks.

The expo will include cultural, conservation, nursery and tourism aspects from the community, rangers and various conservation entities in order to highlight the broader South African biodiversity landscape.

The annual SA National Parks Week has been made possible with support from First National Bank (FNB) and Total SA.

“The spin-off of this initiative is that it boosts the local communities of the areas around the parks, while creating awareness of the need to preserve our natural heritage.

“I would like to encourage all South African citizens to come out in their numbers to experience our country’s natural heritage in its abundance,” said Kgosi Ledimo, CEO of FNB Public Sector Banking.

Total South Africa has again stepped up to the plate to help South Africans access these beautiful acres of land across the country.

“Total South Africa is proud to be a long-standing partner of the SANParks Week since its inception in 2006 – 12 years ago – and our company fully endorses SANParks’ commitment to developing and promoting a system of sustainable national parks countrywide,” says Pierre-Yves Sachet, MD & CEO Total South Africa and Vice-President Total Southern Africa.

“Total views environmental conservation as a key priority and we are committed to preserving the natural environment for future generations,” Sachet said.

SANParks encourages all South Africans, especially educators and school groups, to diarise these dates and plan a visit to a national park nearby.

“The survival of the South African national parks system and our natural and cultural heritage lies in the people of South Africa,” Raftopoulos said. – SAnews.gov.za


source: rnews.co.za

13 Sept 2017

15,16 and 17 September

Bigger, better, more competitive and more fun than ever before!


Sponsored by Harbour Bay, supported by Intasure, this 3 day festival of sailing is False Bay Yacht Club’s premier regatta and one of the biggest in the country. It attracts upward of 50 entries with representatives from all keelboat sailing clubs in the Western Cape. It is also the preparation event for the Mossel Bay off-shore race, which takes place the following weekend.

The event kicks off the summer sailing season in the Cape and is characterised by fantastic sailing off Simonstown, a competitive environment and a vibrant sailing festival atmosphere.

The False Bay Yacht Club will be a hive of activity with live music throughout the weekend and plenty of activities to keep the whole family entertained. While activity on the water will be fast and furious, with ORC in-shore racing as well as medium distance races for the cruisers. This year, the event will also feature live tracking so those on shore can follow the action on the water.  This is one event on the Cape’s sporting calendar not to be missed.

The Spring regatta weekend features:

  • Happy hours and drinks promotions all weekend long!
  • Fun prizes every evening!
  • Harken winch grinding competition.
  • Lucky draws.
  • Crew packs on entry (competitors caps).
  • ORC classes and cruising classes (This is a unique opportunity for cruisers to scrape off the barnacles and have some competitive fun in a  controlled environment)
  • Live tracking on screen in the bar and internet.
  • Free mooring during the regatta!

Located in the Port of Cape Town, RCYC offers a warm greeting and hospitality to weary sailors. Should you be a first time visitor, we invite you to discover the “Fairest Cape” with its bounty of scenery, wine farms, local cuisine and much much more.


The Club was founded as the Table Bay Yacht Club in 1905 and commenced operation as such in a waterside boatshed located some 50 to 60 metres northward of the foot of Loop Street. Surviving early vicissitudes, the club’s name was changed in 1914 to the Cape Yacht Club which incorporated the Alfred Rowing Club and shortly after we received the Royal Charter to become the Royal Cape Yacht Club.

Buffeted by change we moved from clubhouse to clubhouse, and it was not until the decade after the 2nd World War (1939 – 1945) that the shell of the present clubhouse came to be erected. It was added to when the local yachting boom – started by the first Trans-Atlantic Race from Cape Town to Rio de Janeiro in 1971 – took off and changed the Club from a small membership of around 300 to the present figure of some 3000.

The Club House, 1905

Boat accommodation was forced to progress from swing moorings to the marina’s of today. Likewise control had to pass from amateur committees to the professional staff which you will find today.

Boat accommodation progressed from swinging moorings to the club marina of today. Likewise control had to pass from amateur committees to the professional staff which now operates the club. The Royal Cape Yacht Club sits at the foot of Africa, a quiet enclave tucked away in the bustle of Cape Town’s docks. It is a prime location for sailors looking for respite from stormy weather and the club has hosted thousands of weary sailors over the years.

The first committee, April 1905

The club itself is modest, a low-slung building that houses offices, a first class restaurant and a bar where more tall tales have been told than on any other patch of earth. Its relaxed atmosphere and view over crowded docks bustling with activity is a very pleasant way to while away a long lunch or a cozy, romantic dinner.

The Club hosts important sailing events including the Country’s premier keelboat regattas. The Cape to Rio and South Atlantic Races have been hosted by Royal Cape Yacht Club since inception in 1971. Other international events have included the Whitbread Race, the BT Global Challenge, The BOC Around Alone Race, the Volvo Race, The Lisbon Expo 98, Clippers, and the Hong Kong Challenge, to name but a few. Down the centuries, the Southern tip of the African continent, has extended a welcome to seafarers, gaining for the city the soubriquet of the “Tavern of the Seas”

Opening Cruise 1907

The Club has a Development Sail Training program which has been in operation for several years. We have now teamed up with Izivunguvungu in Simon’s Town and between the two organisations have trained quite a few young sailors who are now competing in major offshore races.

Throughout all these changes the spirit of the Club of which we are so proud has been maintained and handed down in a tradition which has survived the changes time has imposed on us.

Water crisis in Cape Town!

6 Sept 2017

As the province moves into the spring and summer seasons with little prospects for rain, the City of Cape Town has announced tougher water restrictions by raising the water consumption alert to level 5.

The new restrictions include a cap on individual domestic property usage and sets it at 20kl per month.

Residents who use more than this will be subjected to a very high fine. All users are also required to remain vigilant with regards to water use. The City said that further measures to reduce water pressure will commence immediately.

The usage in this month will determine what actions delinquent users will be subject to thereafter. Where non-compliance occurs, users can be subject to an admission of guilt fine or, in accordance with Section 36(4) of the City’s Water By-law, the installation of a water management device (the cost of which will be billed to the account holder).

Installation of these devices in the households of the most excessive users commenced three weeks ago and will be ramped up in the coming weeks.

Further pressure reduction is likely to result in supply interruptions being experienced in higher-lying areas of the City’s supply zones for short periods during the day. Multi-storey buildings that do not make use of pumps and overhead tanks as required by the City’s building regulations are likely to experience supply problems.

Residents are encouraged to approach their body corporates or managing agents to ensure that these systems are in place and operational.

Residents are advised to keep an emergency store of between 2-5 litres of water for drinking and basic hygiene at all times.

Managers of commercial properties are urged with immediate effect to ensure that their monthly consumption of municipal supply water is reduced by 20% compared with a year ago.

“Measures to drive down consumption to 500 million litres of water per day are supplemented by other measures to augment the supply of water from non-surface water options by up to 500 million litres of water per day, which are currently under way. Together these actions form part of the approach to building water resilience over the short-to-medium term,” mayor Patricia de Lille said.

De Lille also noted the immense effort that many residents have taken to reduce their water consumption.

“Since July 1, the City’s goal has been to reduce consumption to 500 million litres per day. As of last week, consumption stood at 599 million litres per day. With the winter rainfall season likely to end in the next three to four weeks, we simply have to get used to using less water,” De Lille said.

The new water restrictions however has not received a welcoming reception.

“As Cosatu we have long said that their is a serious water crisis looming. The mayor and the premier have lied constantly to communities regarding the water issue,” Cosatu’s Western Cape general secretary, Tony Ehrenreich, said.

“The problem is that there are costs involved when implementing these levels and new water restrictions. And the problem is that the City’s projects that it wants to pursue will only come later into effect.”

Experts have also voiced their concerns regarding the new level 5 water restrictions, “This new water restriction is long over due and I think we should’ve woken up much earlier,” Chief executive of South African company AIRWATER Ray de Vries said.

Last week, the Cape Argus reported that the army will be called in to help dispense water and emergency purification services in preparation for day zero, probably in December.

An annual Mother City highlight, the Cape Town Marathon heads into the CBD for a quick-paced run through iconic streets and past historic buildings on Sunday, 17 September 2017. This yearly marathon is best known for its flat, feasible route and the fact that it offers both novices and experienced runners a chance to see Cape Town from a different angle. With a 42.2km and 10km route for the main event, this fast and furious race gives those looking to qualify for the Comrades and the Old Mutual Two Oceans Marathon a chance to clock in with a great time.

29 Aug 2017

Here is more about the History of this annual event:




The inaugural Sanlam Cape Town Marathon was run by a small, competitive field in September 2007.  For the first three years, the race was organized by Western Province Athletics (WPA), under the umbrella of a corporate sponsorship agreement with the national federation, Athletics South Africa (ASA).  During this same period of time, the Sanlam Cape Town Marathon yielded some of the fastest times in South Africa, including Olympic and World Championship qualifying times.


In the following years, the Sanlam Cape Town Marathon steadily attracted a larger and larger field of runners.  In 2010, freed of the constraints of the early sponsorship, WPA was able to enter into a sponsorship agreement with the City of Cape Town that set the stage for developing the Sanlam Cape Town Marathon into a high quality, international event showcasing Cape Town as a world class destination for major sporting events.


In 2014, the Sanlam Cape Town Marathon is managed by a partnership between WPA, the City of Cape Town and ASEM Running, and it is endorsed by two of South Africa’s sporting greats, Elana Meyer and Francois, for its tremendous potential to further develop in the hopes of being included as one of the World Marathon Majors.


The Sanlam Cape Town Marathon has always been staged on the Sunday nearest to the 24thof September, South Africa’s Heritage Day.  The route is designed, not only to take in Cape Town spectacular natural beauty, but also to enable runners to traverse the City’s rich historical sites, in a running celebration of South Africa’s oldest, ‘Mother’ city.


Spring dawns in September in Cape Town, bringing relief from the heavy winter rains and frequent strong winds, as well as earlier sunrises and milder temperatures.  It is some of the best weather in Cape Town for a long distance running event along a route that offers elite athletes the opportunity to gain fast times, and enabling novice marathon runners to complete their first heroic marathon.


With its vision of becoming a World Majors Marathon, the Sanlam Cape Town Marathon celebrates the history of the race which takes its noble place as the pinnacle of distance running events

  • The Inspiration – According to legend, in 490 B.C. Pheidippides, a Greek soldier ran 25 miles from the battlefield near Marathon to Athens to announce the victory of the Greeks over the Persians.  He delivered his message, then collapsed and died.
  • The Revival – This fabled, epic run to deliver the news of victory was commemorated more than 2000 years later, when a 24.8 mile marathon event was included in the modern Olympic Games held in Athens in 1896.  Seventeen runners competed and Greek runner, Spyridon Louis completed the marathon in 2 hours, 58 minutes and 50 seconds to win the gold medal.
  • The Influence – A team of USA athletes sponsored by the Boston Athletic Association took part in the 1896 Olympic Games, and they were impressed at the success of the marathon.  In 1897, the first Boston Marathon was staged on the 19th of April to memorialize Paul Revere’s famous 1775 ride.  The Boston Marathon is now the oldest annual marathon in the world.
  • The Distance – The marathon course for the 1908 London Olympics stretched from Windsor Castle to the Royal Box at the White City Olympic stadium, some 42 195 meters (26 miles, 385 yards).  In 1924, this distance was accepted as the worldwide marathon standard.
  • The Inclusion – The marathon ceased to be an exclusively male event in 1972, when the Boston Marathon officially opened its course to women.  In 1984, women runners were able to compete in the Olympic Games’ Marathon for the first time.  Today, a number of the world’s marathons make it possible for wheelchair racers to compete.  Many welcome registered and unregistered runners, social and lifestyle runners, corporate and charity runners.
  • The Popularity – It is estimated that between 500 and 800 marathons are staged in the world each year, involving hundreds of thousands of competitors and millions of spectators and viewers.

credit: capetownmagazine



September is almost here and the first month of Spring does not disappoint with all the amazing events lined up for everyone to enjoy! There is something for everyone to do, young and old.
Have a look and mark your favorite event in your diary.

Wolfkop Weekender: Power Flower Picnic

23 Aug 2017 1

Wolfkop Weekender’s fourth edition of its Power Flower Picnic is an intimate gathering and music event that takes place deep within the Citrusdal Valley, past the orange groves and down by the river. The weekend seeks to combine the essence of a camping getaway with a grass-roots festival experience, featuring a curated music selection and wholesome food traders.

Venue: Wolfkop Camping Villages, Grootfontein Farm, Keerom St, Citrusdal
Time: Fri 4pm to Sun 6pm

Solo Exhibition by Kelly John Gough

23 Aug 2017 2

ODA Fine Art Gallery hosts a solo exhibition by Kelly John Gough, entitled Against the Grain.

Gough explores the changed role of fine art at the beginning of the 21st century. Where visual arts had to create awareness and provoke critical thought during the 20th century, senses are being raped by a merciless stream of information through mass media at present. People now turn to the arts, specifically to the visual arts for aesthetics, relief and hope.

In true Franschhoek style, wine, refreshments and snacks are served to commemorate the opening.

Venue: ODA Gallery, 42 Huguenot St, Franschhoek
Time: Artist walkabout (24 Sep) 11am to 1.30pm | Mon to Sat 9am to 5.30pm | Sun 9am to 5pm
Cost: Free (RSVP via email to book spot at the opening)

Music Exchange 2017

23 Aug 2017 3

Music Exchange is a leading music conference, now in its 7th year, where guests engage, learn and share with international and local songwriters and producers over 2 days about the business of music in a series of masterclasses and workshops.

The event offers skills development, mentorship, showcase/demo opportunities, and collaboration opportunities. Over 250 industry professionals are invited from Africa and abroad as panelists and key-note speakers.  Guests meet an array of international artists, like Mos Def, Trevor Jones, Bryan Michael Cox, as well as local artists, such as Sipho “Hotstix” Mabuse, RJ Benjamin, AKA, Tamara Dey and Ziyon. This year’s speakers include Anton Groenewald, Christopher De Vries, Lonwabo “Lobs” Marele, Warren Kirkland, Shaun Johannes and Maya Spector.

Music Exhange is an entertainment, social media entrepreneurship hub that attracts local and global entertainment industry thought leaders, builds partnerships, and supports job creation and economic development in Africa and abroad.

Venue: Academy of Sound Engineering, De Roos St, Zonnebloem, Cape Town
Time: Sat 9am to Sun 6pm
Cost: R250 – R400

Group Art Exhibition at Artvark

23 Aug 2017 4

25 August 2017 to 8 October 2017

Artvark Gallery presents a group mixed media exhibition, entitled Droogte Drought Imbalela Isomiso Komelelo Dyandza Gomelelo Komelelo Komello Somiso Khuru, featuring opening speaker Gwen Meyer. A series of poetry readings by well known local poets follow the opening speech.

Drought and extreme weather are the new normal part of climate change in this new planetary epoch now called the Anthropocene. The scale and far-reaching consequences of the current drought in South Africa are hard to imagine. This exhibition explores how art can be a tool to explore some of the complexities of these new planetary realities, such as drought. With work from over 35 artists, this exhibition has a particularly South African approach.

Participating artists include Karin Daymond, Lien Botha, Gerald Tabata, Frans Mulder and more.

Venue: Artvark Gallery, 48 Main Rd, Kalk Bay, Cape Town
Time: Opening night 7pm to 10pm | Mon to Sun 9am to 6pm
Cost: Free

Maya Spector

23 Aug 2017 5

5 to 5 September 2017

Jazz songstress Maya Spector is playing at Café Roux. She will be sharing some of her original soul, jazz, pop, and latin inspired compositions.

Joining her on stage will be a backing trio made up of award winning musicians: Ramon Alexander (keys), Annemie Nel (drums), Andre Webb (bass) and Angelo Syster (guitar).

“Spector’s voice is pure honey, with the darkness as well as sweetness that implies, and she tells her stories convincingly.” – Gwen Ansell, Business Day Live.

Venue: Café Roux, 74 Shortmarket St, Cape Town
Time: 8:30pm
Cost: R120

Northern Lights – VOX Cape Town

23 Aug 2017 6

1 to 2 September 2017

VOX Cape Town presents Northern Lights – A Baltic Voyage, a musical voyage of light and sound set to the mystical Northern Lights. This is the third instalment of VOX’s New Soundscapes series – immersive concerts designed to expose Cape Town’s audiences to fresh choral sounds.

The evening’s programme features a smorgasbord of music by contemporary composers from the Baltic region, including Arvo Pärt (Estonia), Ola Gjeilo (Norway), Henryk Górecki (Poland), Igor Stravinsky (Russia), Ēriks Ešenvalds (Latvia) and Jaakko Mäntyjärvi (Finland). The performance also features special guests Matthew Golesworthy (organ) and Ariella Caira (cello).

Venue: St Andrew’s Presbyterian Church, Somerset Rd, CBD, Cape Town
Time: 7.30pm for 8pm
Cost: R160 | Concessions R120 (bookings via email)

Underwater Photographer of the Year 2017

23 Aug 2017 7

1 May 2017 to 30 September 2017

The UPYLondon Underwater Photographer of the Year 2017 exhibition is on again at the Chavonnes Battery Museum. The Underwater Photographer of the Year is a London-based annual competition that seeks to celebrate photographs that are captured beneath the surface of the sea, lakes, rivers and even swimming pools. Finalists were selected from 20 countries including South Africa, Mexico, Finland, Indonesia, Egypt, Sudan, Norway, Canada, France, Italy and the UK. After viewing, guests can then step below sea-level, amidst 18th Century ruins, and learn the story of the “Cape of Storms”.

There is a National Sea and Rescue Institute (NSRI) kiddie’s colour-in table, coffee table books and free Wi-Fi.

Venue: Chavonnes Battery Museum, Clock Tower Precinct, V&A Waterfront, Cape Town
Time: Fri to Mon 9am to 7pm | Tue to Thurs 9am to 4pm
Cost: R100 | Wild Card/Red Bus R70 | Seniors/Students R50 | U16s free

Cableway Kidz Season

23 Aug 2017 8

1 May 2017 to 30 September 2017

The Cableway Kidz Season offers a special, where two children ride free with an adult who has purchased a return ticket. Children enjoy a day of “fun, food and natural beauty” atop Table Mountain, as well as participating in a kiddies’ treasure hunt. As a part of the Kidz Season experience, all children receive a treasure hunt map, as well as a sweet treat when they hand in their voucher at both the Shop at the Top and the Cafe.

This offer runs from 1 May to 30 September and is valid on weekends, public holidays, and during the June and July school holidays. Only children under the age of 18 ride free. The Cableway is closed for annual maintenance from 24 July to 6 August 2017 and the Kidz Season special is not available during this time.

Venue: Table Mountain Aerial Cableway, Table Mountain National Park, Tafelberg Rd, Gardens, Cape Town
Time: 8.30am to 5pm
Cost: Adult + 2 U18s R255

King Kong

23 Aug 2017 9

25 July 2017 to 2 September 2017

Eric Abraham presents a brand new Fugard Theatre Production of King Kong – The original iconic South African musical.

King Kong was a landmark South African musical first presented in 1956. The musical portrays the life and times of a heavyweight boxer Ezekiel Dlamini, known as `King Kong` who lived in Soweto.

“The end result is not only an immaculately staged piece of theatre, but also a tribute to South Africa’s performance arts legacy.” – Read Siya Mahomba’s review of King Kong.

Venue: The Fugard Theatre, Cnr Caledon & Lower Buitenkant St, Cape Town
Time: Tues to Fri 8pm | Sat 4pm & 8pm
Cost: R130 to R280

Guise Of Reality at Salon 91

23 Aug 2017 10

2 August 2017 to 13 September 2017

Salon 91 presents a solo exhibition of recent paintings by Zarah Cassim, The Guise of Reality. 

Cassim’s forthcoming exhibition develops her theme of encounters with perception by evoking pictorial spaces derived from natural landscapes. The artifice of these spaces is foregrounded in her dissolving treatment of the medium. Oil paint is applied, sponged away, wiped and diluted with solvent such that the forms she attempts to describe become ever more dreamlike and inaccessible. Her process engages the theme of rebellion. The exact nature of the rebellion is open-ended: a rebellion against an inherited system of seeing, the tradition of landscape painting or the painted surface itself.

Venue: Salon Ninety One, 91 Kloof St, Gardens, Cape Town
Time: Tues to Fri 10am to 6pm | Sat 10am to 2pm
Cost: Free

Dalin Oliver – Face for Radio

23 Aug 2017 11

22 August 2017 to 9 September 2017

Teacher turned Comedian, Dalin Oliver, presents his new stand-up comedy show Face for Radio. He is back with a few more lessons following the sold out success of his debut one man show, I Came, I Taught, I Left. 10 years after matriculating, Oliver is struggling to adapt to the concept of “adulting” – no-one warned him about it.

“The familiar school events are made all the more realistic by Oliver’s colourful viewpoint, which emphasises all the myriad frustrations of trying to be a teacher in South Africa today.” Read Samantha Orange’s review of Dalin Oliver.

Venue: Baxter Theatre, Main Rd, Rondebosch, Cape Town
Time: Tue to Sat 8.30pm | Sat again at 5pm
Cost: Tue to Thurs R100 | Fri and Sat R120

Cinematic Motion – Masque Theatre

ROSA PARK  choreographed by William Jones                   Dancers (L-R) Shannon Hancock; Devin Butterworth; Margot Liebenberg; Elvis Nonjeke.

23 August 2017 to 2 September 2017

The Waterfront Theatre College presents their new dance production, Cinematic Motion, at the Masque Theatre. Inspired by Hollywood Motion Pictures, the show is a physical compilation of favourite movie moments.

Cinematic Motion features varied choreography by Shona Brabant, William Jones, Marguerite Jones, James Bradley, Simone Marshall and Brigitte Reeve-Taylor, and includes a large ensemble company of dancers. In addition to highlighting the best of the college’s dance faculty, the production is also a fundraiser for the WTS Bursary Fund which supports the future generation of young artists who may not have the resources to access further training.

Venue: Masque Theatre, 37 Main Rd, Muizenberg, Cape Town
Time: 8pm | Sat again at 3.30pm
Cost: R130

25 LIVE – a night at the circus

23 Aug 2017 13

30 August 2017 to 1 September 2017

Zip Zap Circus School team up with rock band the Parlotones to present a fundraising show, 25 Live – a night at the circus. They celebrate 25 years of “Zip Zap – Inspiring Kids For Life”. Seven years after their successful collaboration on Art of Rock, they reunite to once again perform a mix of aerial and acrobatic mastery set to the indie rock band’s music.

Funds are being raised in aid of the Zip Zap Academy. New premises in Salt River offer the much needed space to allow more children to benefit from the circus absolutely free of charge. 25 Live is directed by the combined talents of Brent van Rensburg (Zip Zap co-founder) and Kahn Morbee (Parlotones).

Venue: Artscape Opera House, D.F. Malan St, Foreshore, Cape Town
Time: 7.30pm to 9pm
Cost: R250 – R1000

A Handful of Keys

23 Aug 2017 14

30 August 2017 to 8 October 2017

Pieter Toerien Productions presents another installment of A Handful of Keys, directed and created by Ian von Memerty. The performance unravels as a constant surprise with “devastating wit and musical mastery” – from piano pyrotechnics to inspiring inventiveness. For the first time since the show’s launch in 1994, there are three keyboards and three pianists on stage – Roelof Colyn, 19-year old James Smith and a special guest.

Audiences are entertained with highlights such as “The Complete History of The Broadway Musical in 12 Minutes”, Liberace, Elton John, Stevie Wonder, Funeral for A Friend and the SA Medley, as well as new material.

“The impersonations are hysterically funny, and bring life to iconic pianists in a wonderfully light-hearted manner that still shows a deep veneration for the instrument and its masters.” Read Rory Appleton’s review of A Handful of Keys.

Venue: Theatre on The Bay, 1 Link St, Camps Bay, Cape Town
Time: Tues to Sat 8pm | Sat also at 5pm | Sun 3pm
Cost: R100 – R180

Cape Homemakers Expo 2017

23 Aug 2017 15

31 August 2017 to 3 September 2017

The annual Cape Homemakers Expo returns with a range of products and professional services under one roof.  This year’s theme is ‘A Tribute to Your Home’.

Highlights include the ‘tuis | home theatre’, a market and an interior design challenge.  The Expo offers an opportunity for visitors to explore, consider and purchase all sort of home and garden items, as well as to take advantage of competitions, deals and special offers.

Venue: Cape Town International Convention Centre, Convention Square, 1 Lower Long St, Cape Town
Time: Thurs to Sat 10am to 8pm | Sun 10am to 6pm
Cost: R80 | Seniors R70 | U12s free

Enchanted Cirque Dinner Theatre

23 Aug 2017 16

1 September 2017 to 15 October 2017

A new international cirque production, Enchanted, makes its way to Cape Town to bring audiences a dinner theatre experience that merges some of the world’s finest entertainment artists with a top South African creative team.

The show is hosted by local comedienne Mel Jones and Argentinian Pik Pokus and acts include crossbow contortionist and silk artist Orissa Kelly, cloud swing and hoop artist Tom McKinnon, laser and bubble magic man Thomas Favaro, a disco inspired roller skating pair, a knife throwing duo and more.

The show is performed in a 450-seater spiegeltent shipped directly from Belgium and constructed by renowned Belgian tent master Rik Klessens. Elements within include an interactive zone, VIP bars serving premium brands, an oyster and bubbly booth, an accessory store and “delicious fare”. After feasting on tapas platters and watching the two-hour show, the resident DJ takes over and the audience parties with the cast, late into the night.

Mention Whats On In Cape Town when booking tickets.

 P3 parking area, Cape Town Stadium, Cnr Fritz Sonnenberg Rd & Granger Bay Blvd, Green Point, Cape Town
Time: Wed to Sat 8pm | Sat again at 3pm | Sun 5pm
Cost: R250 (bookings via phone)


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