17 Okt 2017

With immediate effect, the City of Cape Town will be taking a number of new actions to drive down water consumption. This includes the institution of Level 5 restrictions and a further increase in pressure management.

But what does 87 liters of water actually mean?

The upper limit of 87 litres per person and the overall target of 500 million litres per day of collective consumptions remain in place, however, there is now a new emphasis on capping excessive water use at the domestic household level and placing additional restrictions on the commercial sector.

Measures to drive down consumption to 500 million litres of water per day are supplemented by other measures to augment the supply of water from non-surface water options by up to 500 million litres of water per day, which are currently under way. Together these actions form part of the approach to building water resilience over the short- to medium-term.

Notwithstanding the immense effort that many Capetonians have taken to reduce water consumption during the last year, there needs to be a further decrease in consumption if Cape Town is to safely navigate itself through the drought.

With regard to domestic properties, the 87-litre per person limit remains in place. However, the cap on individual domestic property usage is now set at 20 kl per month, beyond which the property owner will be subject to a very high fine. An engagement with the Chief Magistrate is forthcoming, but the fines are expected to be in the region of R5 000 to R10 000. Confirmation of fines will be announced shortly.

So what does 87 litres mean for Capetonians and South Africans… as we should all be saving water.

In order to figure out where and how we could save, I did a mini-audit of my daily use and this is how it went:

On average I drink around 2 litres of water a day plus have around a litre in my coffee (4 cups a day) but apparently the average cooking and drinking equals 15 litres a day (as per South African WaterWise stats).

I shower twice a day, once after gym in the morning and once before bed, which amounts to around 90 litres for a 6 minuter… which means I use up to 180 litres a day just soaping up.

Brushing teeth and washing hands apparently amount to almost 25 litres a day (as per South African WaterWise stats).

On average (that day) I went to the loo 6 times and I own one of those 9 litre eco-friendly toilets. That amounted to 54 litres used in just one day.

I also use my dishwasher once a day, every night which amounts to 20 litres a go and fill my pups and cats water up everyday which amounts to around 6 litres a day (I have 3 bowls of 2 litres each).

So… in total, my daily use is 300 litres.

Are you joking!!!! Thats not even counting the garden irrigation, filling up the pool every once in a while or dripping taps.

So how would I get down to 87 litres a day? Well, the next day I tested it.

The best way would be shorter showers, once a day not twice a day = can get to as low as 45 litres (1 Shower at 15 litres per minute for 3 minutes = 45 litres, its possible, I did it). I also put 2 buckets in the shower and used that for toilet flushing… up to 3 flushes!

Cooking, drinking, washing hands and brushing teeth feel like a necessity but in one day as I was able to get that down to just 12 litres.

The Dishwasher should only be used when full, and that for me is every second or third day = 8 litres a day. The pets would still need their 6 litres but my total was completely down.

Just by being a little “savvy” I was able to get my daily consumption to 71 litres. Totally doable.

The water crisis that is currently affecting Cape Town is also a South African crisis. We’re heading into “rainy season” in Johannesburg but there is no guarantee that we will have the rainfall we need so its up to every South African to make small changes to make a bigger difference.

Be more aware of your usage, and use a little less.

The best way would be shorter showers, once a day not twice a day = can get to as low as 45 litres (1 Shower at 15 litres per minute for 3 minutes = 45 litres, its possible, I did it). I also put 2 buckets in the shower and used that for toilet flushing… up to 3 flushes!

Cooking, drinking, washing hands and brushing teeth feel like a necessity but in one day as I was able to get that down to just 12 litres.

The Dishwasher should only be used when full, and that for me is every second or third day = 8 litres a day. The pets would still need their 6 litres but my total was completely down.

Just by being a little “savvy” I was able to get my daily consumption to 71 litres. Totally doable.

The water crisis that is currently affecting Cape Town is also a South African crisis. We’re heading into “rainy season” in Johannesburg but there is no guarantee that we will have the rainfall we need so its up to every South African to make small changes to make a bigger difference.

Be more aware of your usage, and use a little less.

17 Okt 2017 1

Sources: WaterWise | City of Cape Town | health24 / goodthingsguy.com

13 Okt 2017

Celebrate Oktoberfest with friends and family at the Barley & Biltong Emporium at Spice Route Destination with a selection of German faire, CBC beer and enjoy the live Oompah band. Prost!

The Barley & Biltong Emporium at Spice Route Destination in Paarl is hosting their annual beer festival; Oktoberfest on the 19 – 20 & 26 – 27th of September and the 3 – 4 of October from 10:00 to 18:00 daily.

Visitors can look forward to a selection of German faire, including eisbein, pork ribs, bratwurst, bretzels, sauerkraut, rotisserie chicken, lamb spit and salads to be enjoyed with Cape Brewing Co. Amber Weiss and a specially brewed Oktoberfest beer.

A live Umpah band will entertain festivalgoers over the weekends and the Rugby World Cup matches can also be viewed on our big screens. The entrance fee is R60 per person, and includes a souvenir mug and a complementary beer. Oktoberfest T-shirts will be for sale.

For more information call 021 863 5200 or email info@barleyandbiltong.co.za or www.spiceroute.co.za.

Time: 10:00

Cost: R60


Source: wine.co.za

10 Okt 2017 1

What would summer be without ice cream? Uneventful, right? This season, you don’t have to settle for supermarket varieties – artisanal and all-natural gelato joints are popping up all over the Mother City.

We dish the scoop on the best ice cream spots in Cape Town. And if you have others to add, please do so in the comments below – we’d love to hear from you.


10 Okt 2017 2

All products are lovingly handmade using locally sourced and seasonal ingredients that have been produced in an environmentally friendly way.
The Creamery has branches in Newlands, Mouille Point and most recently, Claremont’s Palmyra Junction, as well as stalls at the V&A’s Market on the Wharf, the Neighbourgoods Market and the Earth Fair Market at St. Georges Mall. You can also hire its staffed vintage scoop stall for private functions.
How it’s served cup or cone.
Wow factor Because it uses only seasonal ingredients in its ice creams, the flavours change often, so you never know which ones you’ll get when you visit. Also, each month, The Creamery introduces a flavour of the month.
Contact 021 447 7690, hello@thecreamery.co.za
Location Dean Street, Newlands;  Beach Road, Mouille Point; and Palmyra Road, Claremont
You can also get the ice cream at Market on the Wharf, The Neighourgoods Market and Earth Fair Market


10 Okt 2017 3

Owner Yann Rey and ice-cream master Stéphane Augé have engineered and dreamed up the exciting variety of flavours at this understated, yet stylish, ice-cream parlour. At Unframed, they believe in the authentic, hands-on approach to the art of ice-cream making, using a perfect balance between sugar, water, fat and air.
The best part is that it caters for everyone, including lactose-intolerant and vegan ice-cream lovers too! We recommend Jasmine Rice Lemongrass (vegan), Burnt White Chocolate, Matcha Tea (vegan) and Sea Salt Chocolate.
How it’s served as a cone, cup or tasting flight (a choice of 5 flavours)
Wow factor Unframed has some pretty delectable toppings to choose from: Pink Pralines Swirl, Cardamom Dark Chocolate and Superfood Raw White Mulberry, to name a few.
Contact 063 601 0287, icecream@unframed.co.za
Location Unframed Ice Cream, 45C Kloof Street Cape Town


10 Okt 2017 4

Tucked away within a wondrous chocolate shop that’s owned and run by a dedicated and passionate husband-and-wife duo, Le Delizie serves artisanal gelato, super sorbets (and nougat and chocolates, too). Gelati flavours include: stracciatella (a cream-based ice cream filled with crunchy, dark chocolate pieces), caramel (caramello), hazelnut (nocciola), 70% chocolate (cioccolato), coffee (caffè) and mint choc chip (menta), as well as tantalising lemon, dark chocolate and strawberry sorbet. All the gelati are eggless, except for Crema Della Nonna (Granny’s Cream), which uses egg yolk.
How it’s served in a takeaway tub (500g) or takeaway cup, and they don’t scoop, they dish – Italian style!
Wow factor Massimo’s gelato bonbons (Italian kisses); the tiramisu and cherry cream ice-cream; and the stunning, specially moulded ice-cream cakes (which are available for order and can be made with either gelato or sorbet, with a choice of two flavours for the filling).
Contact 062 034 2732, info@ledelizie.co.za
Where to find it Le Delizie, Shop 15, Dean Street Arcade, Main Street, Newlands, Cape Town


10 Okt 2017 5

ShweShwe holds the honour of being South Africa’s first small ice-cream company to use old-fashioned pints (the equivalent of a 470ml carton tub). Each batch of ice cream is made from scratch, using milk, cream, sugar and eggs to make a creamy base before adding in natural flavours. The result? All-good deliciousness, minus stabilisers, additives or fillers.
Based in Stellenbosch, along with its sister brand, Ice Cream Community, ShweShwe has been producing scoops of joy since 2011. ShweShwe is available to serve ice cream at weddings and events – from a handmade, vintage bicycle!
How it’s served in a 125ml or 470ml tub.
Wow factor Aside from staples such as chocolate and vanilla, it serves some pretty interesting flavours…braaied marshmallow, salted caramel and banana or beetroot and honeycomb!
Contact 072 938 2810, 076 416 6439, scoop@icecreamcommunity.com
Location ShweShwe, The Launch Lab, Hammandshand Road, Stellenbosch
You can also get the ice cream at selected SPARs and Melissas in Cape Town and Stellenbosch


10 Okt 2017 6

Founded in 2013, Sorbetière was born out of French chef Berenne Cristini’s desire to make Cape sorbet. Offering both sorbet and ice cream, Sorbetière uses local products, natural ingredients and seasonal flavours to make its inspired creations.
Its dairy-free, vegan-friendly sorbets are made from 70 to 80% fresh fruit and a water base, while its ice creams use fresh milk and natural ingredients, with no artificial flavours or colourants.
How it’s served take-away 500ml or 2L tubs, 1 or 2 scoops in homemade sugar cones.
Wow factor You can order ice cream cupcakes and have them delivered to your door!
Contact 079 085 5607, info@sorbetiere.co.za
Location SorbetièreSide Street Studios, 48 Albert Road, Woodstock, Cape Town
You can also get the ice cream at various stores, wine farms, restaurants and cafés including: Honest Chocolate Café, The Dining Room, South China Dim Sum, Gogo’s Deli and Burrata, as well as at their Side Street Studios-based workshop


10 Okt 2017 7

Based in Paarl, De Villiers Chocolate is a delicious bean-to-bar chocolate maker, coffee roastery and ice-creamery. What began as a garage-based hobby has become a fully fledged chocolate factory, shop and café, housed in a Cape Dutch home where visitors can watch the chocolate-making process through glass walls. All products are made using natural and fresh ingredients, and without any additional flavourings or preservatives. They also now have a new shop/café in Franschhoek’s Heritage Square.
How it’s served in a sugar cone or bowl.
Wow factor The dreamy flavours, which include caramel, rum and raisin, chocolate, strawberry, vanilla, peanut butter, espresso and mango-passion sorbet.
Contact (021) 874 1060, info@dvchocolate.com
Location De Villiers Artisan Chocolate, Suid-Agter Paarl Road, Paarl and Heritage Square, Main Road, Franschhoek


10 Okt 2017 8

This artisanal ice-cream parlour and bakery is situated on Stellenbosch’s buzzy Church Street, between Wakaberry and Bramtons (two other ice-cream spots). Relatively new to gelato scene, it offers 24 delicious, handmade flavours, as well as an array of freshly baked goodies (cakes, macarons, brownies and crêpes), coffee, gourmet milkshakes, and even light lunches.
How it’s served cone or cup.
Wow factor The exotic flavours – that vary daily – such as Blueberry, Berry & Crème, Turkish Delight & Top Deck, Malva, Romany or Lemon Cheesecake, and Salted Caramel.
Contact 021 886 5116, cremedelevain@gmail.com
Location Creme de Levain, 7 – 15 Church Street, Stellenbosch


10 Okt 2017 9

These unique, family-run gelateria produce unforgettable scoops of happiness
using a traditional, age-old recipe. Full-cream, hormone-free cow’s milk is used in the recipe, with no added animal or vegetable fat, alcohol, gelatine or preservatives included. Those who would like to avoid sugar, you’ll be pleased to know that there are Banting and diabetes-friendly flavours available, but then you’ll have to forego the homemade sugar cones, which are divine.
How it’s served 1 to 3 scoops in a cup or homemade sugar cone; or 500g and 1kg take-away tubs.
Wow factor The five most popular flavours are salted butter caramel, lemon sorbet, chocolate brownies, yoghurt berry crunch and Diabetic hazelnut. But you might want to go for a waffle or pancake with your favourite scoop when visiting the Waterfront and Greenpoint stores.
Contact 021 914 6376, scoop@gelatomania.co.za
Location V&A Waterfront (their flagship store), Green Point, Hermanus, Camps Bay, Franschhoek, Somerset Mall, Canal Walk and Cavendish Square


10 Okt 2017 10

These artisanal fruit ice lollies are handmade with real dairy and fresh fruit and no artificial colourants or additives. We love the exotic flavour combinations, such as Peanut Butter Bomb (with swirl of caramel with chocolate coated peanuts), Coconut Lemonade and Pineapple and Chilli.
How it’s served on a stick.
Wow factor Since the lollies are made with fresh ingredients, some of the flavours are seasonally available. This summer make sure you try the refreshing watermelon-and-mint sorbet.
Contact 021 556 1491, info@laspaletas.co.za
Location Las Paletas, Unit 2, Ebenezer Park, 71 – 73 Killarney Avenue, Killarney Gardens, Cape Town
TIG Reviewer Sharon Kariwo


10 Okt 2017 11

With its pastel palette, this ice-cream parlour has a decidedly vintage feel. The designer waffles are heavenly, as is the gelato, sorbet, frozen yogurt and milkshakes. And don’t forget to pile on the toppings of your choice, which include Cherry Sauce, Turkish Delight, Smarties and Wafers.
How it’s served cup or cone.
Wow factor The crispy sugar cones add another dimension of flavour to your ice cream. And, if you’re a sorbet fan, try the lemon – the perfect calibration of sweet and sour!
Contact: 021 794 8419, constantia@tashascafe.com
Location Tashas, Shop 55, Constantia Village, Constantia Main Road, Constantia, Cape Town
TIG Reviewer Sharon Kariwo


10 Okt 2017 12

This ice cream truck is the brainchild of sisters, Shahar and Or Peled that aims to bring the fun back into ice cream. Situated at the Waterfront’s Watershed Market, it is the perfect place to cool down and fill-up with a delicious ice cream sandwich. Or catch them on Regent Road, Sea Point where the sisters have their own store. The cookies are baked fresh every day, and they are served with authentic Italian ice cream.
How it’s served Between two cookies, in a cup or a cone.
Wow factor It is a fun way to enjoy ice cream, as you are free to pick two different cookie flavours to enjoy with your ice cream. Choose from flavours such as peanut butter, Oreo, candy crush, butter and choc chips. Why not add some yummy toppings for the ultimate ice cream sandwich?
Contact 083 659 4439, shahar@crumbsandcream.co.za
Location Crumbs & Cream16 Regent Road, Sea Point;
Also find them at The Watershed
TIG Reviewer Sharon Kariwo


10 Okt 2017 13

These ice creams and sorbets are made with fresh, organic, all-natural ingredients sourced from local farms and small producers in the winelands – no additives, preservatives or colourants are used. Also, if you have a special dietary request – if you’re, say, lactose intolerant, a vegan or on the Banting diet – Cold Gold will whip up a tasty ice cream to suit your requirements!
How it’s served cup or cone or take-home tubs of 150ml, 500ml, 1L, 2L, or 5L.
Wow factor In strawberry season – which is now! – the 100% Strawberry Sorbet is heaven in a cup! Made with pure fruit, it’s a healthy and refreshing treat for summer.
Contact 074 182 5510, vzjanine@hotmail.com
Location Cold Gold, Shop 53, Bosman’s Crossing, Distillery Road, Stellenbosch
TIG Reviewer Sharon Kariwo


10 Okt 2017 14

For authentic creamy Italian ice cream, IceDream in Hout Bay is the place to go. All ice cream is made on location by owners Luigi and Liana. There are a variety of flavours to choose from, whose names are presented in Italian (with the English translation below). These gelato are available from the store as well as the Bay Harbour Market.
How it’s served: cup or cone.
Wow factor: The vanilla ice cream, made with pods from Zanzibar, is pure ice-cream joy, and the fruit sorbets in raspberry, sour cherry, pink grapefruit and a whole host of other divine flavours are darn good, too.
Contact: 021 790 2496
Location: IceDream, Homeleigh Place, Main Road, Hout Bay, Cape Town
TIG Reviewer Sharon Kariwo


10 Okt 2017 15

You’ll find these guys at various markets on different days of the week.They make ice creams, sorbets and frozen yoghurt, using certified organic ingredients that have been sourced from local farms. Their ice creams are decidedly less sweet than others because they extract the natural sweetness from fruit, thereby reducing the amount of sugar added.
How it’s served cone or cup.
Wow factor The exciting flavours they conjure on a regular basis. Try the apple crumble, blueberry cheesecake, cookies and cream or ginger apple carrot sorbet.
Contact 082 975 2552, hello@theicecreamguys.co.za
You can find them at Earth Fair Food Market Tokai: Wednesday, 3pm – 8.30pm; Saturday, 9am – 2pm
Cape Point Vineyards: Thursday, 4.30pm – 8.30pm
Constantia Waldorf Organic Market: Friday, 10:30am – 3pm
Kirstenbosch Craft Market: Sunday, 9pm – 3pm
TIG Reviewer Sharon Kariwo


10 Okt 2017 16

Since it was founded in New York 1961, this premium ice-cream brand has had one mission: the pursuit of the perfect ice cream. The first ice-cream house to come up with decadent flavours such as Cookie & Cream and Chocolate Pralines and Caramel, it paved the way for the next genertaions of gelato.
How it’s served cup or cone.
Wow factor The Belgian Chocolate ice cream – with bits of chocolate that melt in your mouth – is heaven in a cup.
Contact 021 421 0744
Location Häagen-Dazs, Food Court Ground Level, V&A Waterfront
TIG Reviewer Sharon Kariwo


10 Okt 2017 17

Made using locally sourced fresh milk, no refined sugar, freshly cut fruit – no frozen or canned products here – Myog’s frozen yoghurt is 98% fat free, making it a healthy option. The innovative menu includes flavours such as Berry, Nutella and Rooibos, with toppings such as seasonal fresh fruit, brownie, fudge, Smarties, almonds, chocolate chips and sprinkle nuts that take it to a whole new level. Myog is environmentally conscious and only uses recyclable and biodegradable cups and containers.
How it’s served cup.
Wow factor The freshly cut fruit, which includes mango, watermelon, apple and pineapple, adds a refreshing element to the frozen yogurts made from fresh milk.
Contact headfineroots@gmail.com
Location Myog Frozen Yoghurt, 50 Kloof Street, Gardens; The Point Center in Sea Point; and Plein Street, Stellenbosch
TIG Reviewer Sharon Kariwo


wakeberry-best-ice-cream-spotsInspired by “Waka Waka”, Shakira and Freshlyground’s 2010 World Cup anthem, the founders of Wakaberry opened their first store in Durban in 2011. There are now 25 branches all over SA. Made with fresh ingredients and real liquid yogurt (using low-fat milk from free-range farm), the taste is light and fresh.
How it’s served cup.
Wow factor Vanilla frozen yoghurt with a Turkish Delight topping is simple, refreshing and the reason you’ll keep going back for more.
Contact 011 554 4704, felicity@wakaberry.co.za
Location Wakaberry in Somerset Mall, Centenary Drive, Somerset West
TIG Reviewer Sharon Kariwo


Best ice cream spots in Cape Town: Sinnfull Ice Cream
These velvety smooth and densely delicious ice creams are some of the most loved in Cape Town. With a variety of flavours that includes Milktart, Cookies and Cream and Sinnfull Chocolate, you find it hard to decide…
How it’s served cone or cup.
Wow factor Sinnfull’s founder, Brita Sinn, has invented over 700 unique flavours.The intriguingly named 100th Sinn, made with saffron and pistachio, is worth a try.
Contact 021 790 8143 justin@sinnfull.co.za
Location Sinnfull Ice Cream, Harbour Road, Hout Bay
TIG Reviewer Sharon Kariwo


Be blown away by the infinite number of ice cream flavour combinations. What makes N2 Ice Cream so special is the use of liquid nitrogen as a freezing agent. Because the ice cream’s ingredients are frozen so quickly, smaller ice crystals are formed, resulting in an extra smooth texture. Fresh local ingredients, including full-fat milk, vanilla bean, cream, sugar and a ‘secret ingredient’ are blended to order onsite by specially trained ‘Brrr-istas’. This is pure ice cream theatre.
How it’s served cup or cone.
Wow factor Be blown away by the infinite number of ice cream flavour combinations.
Contact 084 516 1818, maija@n2icecreamlab.co.za
Location N2Ice Cream Lab, The Paddocks Shopping Centre, Milnerton
You can also get the ice cream at Val de Vie market in Paarl and Wynberg Boys Market (Caffe Pronto at The Bill Bowden Pavilion)
TIG Reviewer Sharon Kariwo


A match made in gelato heaven, Lanzerac has partnered with Sinnfull Ice Cream to bring you an exciting range of ice creams. With flavours such as Chardonnay and Butter Pecan; Pinotage, Raspberry and Vanilla; and Sauvignon Blanc and Kiwi Sorbet, it’s the perfect dessert!
How it’s served in a 175ml tub.
Wow factor It’s quite an unusual flavour sensation when you take your first bite, but we love that two of our favourite things have been combined into such a delightfully presented treat.
Contact 021 886 5641, info@lanzerac.co.za
Location Lanzerac Wine Estate, 1 Lanzerac Road, Stellenbosch
TIG Reviewer Sharon Kariwo



Made using a secret family recipe, the Kalk Bay cafe’s ice cream is composed of natural ingredients and no eggs or gelatine . The flavours, which taste amazingly like the real thing include black cherry and brandy, peanut butter, cinnamon, liquorice, coffee, coconut, and loads more.
How it’s served sugar cone or tub.
Wow factor Other than the great prices and huge scoops, we love that they change flavours daily, so you always have something new to try. And, as a nod to the environment, they encourage people to return plastic spoons to be washed for re-use, they only use paper tubs and encourage people to use wooden spoons instead.
Contact 021 788 1995
Location Ice Cafe, 93 Main Road, Kalk Bay
TIG Reviewer Sharon Kariwo


Icezeit best ice cream in cape town
Here you’ll find 12 out of a possible 100 gelato and sorbet flavours, mainly made from fresh fruit, fresh double pasteurised milk and as little sugar as possible. The gelato is made using a warming process that heats up the ingredients to 85 degrees, before being cooled down to four degrees to give the final product a delicious texture and depth.
How it’s served sugar cone or cup.
Wow factor Regardless of the season, there are so many delicious flavours to choose from. Keep a look out for these great flavours lemon, wild-berry and granadilla mango sorbet, or Ferrero Roche, lemon cookie and Malaga Rum raisins. For an extra R4, you can guiltlessly enjoy sugar-free ice cream.
Contact 021 421 0901, jaco@icezeit.co.za
Location Icezeit, Sea Point Pavillion, Beach Road
You can also get the ice cream at Meloncino at the V&A Waterfront; Greek Fisherman at the V&A Waterfront; Lobster & Burger, Bree Street; Roca at Dieu Donné Winefarm in Franschoek; and Steffanie’s place in Sommerset West
TIG Reviewer Sharon Kariwo


Stefano Moro, Heine van Wyk and Charlene Stephenson met in Milan years ago and, with their shared passion for gelato, visited the Italian foodie capitals of Bologna and Parma, researching and sampling along the way, so they could bring us Moro Gelato.
Here, it’s all about making gelato the way Nonna Moro used to. While touchingly paying tribute to Stefano’s Nonna, they combine their collective passion with the same real flavours and high standards she once used.
Moro’s creamy gelato is freshly made each day from pure local ingredients, while its sorbets are made using seasonal, juicy fruits. Aside from its Woodstock shop, Moro sells its products at the Oranjezicht City Farm Market from a beautiful cart – and we can barely contain our excitement because they will be opening a shop in Long Street soon too!
How it’s served cone or cup, as well as takeaway tubs (or ‘couch boxes’) in 500ml or 1kg tubs.
Wow factor We love the pistachio, caffe (rich coffee), cioccolato (deep dark chocolate) gelato, and the pomegranate and Marchese sorbet!
Contact 021 448 5272, info@morogelato.co.za
Location Moro Gelato, 7 Ravenscraig Road, Mason’s Press, Unit 011, Woodstock, Cape Town
You can also get the ice cream at Oranjezicht City Farm Market, Granger Bay, Cape Town.


source: insideguide.co.za

29 Sept 2017

Nothing says easy-going summer vibes like the sound of sizzle and the waft of smoke. Fire up the barbie!

Whether you call it tshisa-nyama, a barbecue or a good ol’ braai, cooking meat over the coals with friends is the quintessential South African feast, come rain or shine (but preferably shine). So, in the spirit of Heritage Day, we’ve rounded up the best braai spots in and around Cape Town.


29 Sept 2017 2

Located in Table Mountain National Park, this peaceful site is arguably one of the most beautiful in the Western Cape, and is open for picnics all year round. But because it’s a high-risk fire zone, braaiing is only permitted from June until end-September.
We love that there are over 40 sites scattered around the reservoir – nestled in discreet rocky hollows and tucked behind bushes of fynbos – so you might never encounter another braaier.
Need to know Swimming in the reservoir is permitted, so bring your togs.
Contact 021 780 9002, tablemountain@sanparks.org
Cost TMNP conservation fee
R50 (adults)
R25 (children under 12)
Location Silvermine, Ou Kaapse Weg, Westlake, Cape Town


29 Sept 2017 3

On the southern side of the False Bay Coast, behind a serene tidal pool, is a patch of lawn that screams: braaivleis! Just make sure you lock your cars, as the local baboons are chaners of note.
We love that there are two small beaches, a tidal pool perfect for children, as well as some sheltered coves for snorkelling between the kelp beds.
Contact 021 786 1142
Cost Free
Location Miller’s Point, M4, Simon’s Town, Cape Town


29 Sept 2017 4


Surrounded by lush woodland and with several magical hiking trails to explore, Newlands Forest is a relaxing and wonderfully scenic place to fire up the coals. You can bring your own portable braai stand or use one of the built-in pits.
We love The many secluded braai spots, which offer privacy from other groups of braaiers.
Good to know Newlands Forest picnic site is closed from the 1 June – 30 September 2017.
Contact 021 712 747, tablemountain@sanparks.org
Cost TMNP conservation fee
R25 (adults)
R15 (children under 12)
Additional R25 fee per vehicle
Location M3, Newlands Forest, Newlands, Cape Town


29 Sept 2017 5

A little way before Scarborough, before you reach the Cape of Good Hope, this shaded and secluded braai spot awaits. With large concrete tables and lots of space to braai and lounge, all you need to bring is wood, a grid, food and drinks!
We love the sense of seclusion and tranquility.
Please note The picnic site is closed from 1 May until 31 October 2017.
Contact 021 780 9100, tablemountain@sanparks.org
Cost R15 (adults)
R7 (children)
Location Perdekloof, Cape Peninsula, Cape Town


29 Sept 2017 6Helderberg Farm

Nestled on the slopes of the Helderberg Mountain, this rustic farm has public braai areas with small benches, as well as private braai sections in Granny’s Forest, which can host up to 200 people. Braaing aside, there are a number of fun activities to help you work up an appetite, including paintballing, trail running, laser-shooting, strawberry-picking and hiking.
We love the farm’s traditional South African vibe and friendly atmosphere.
Contact 021 855 4308, helderbergplaas@mweb.co.za
Cost R50 (adults)
R25 (children 5 – 18 years)
Braai drum R50 (bring your own wood and grid; charcoal available)
Booking is essential
Location Helderberg Farm, Klein Helderberg Road, Somerset West


29 Sept 2017 7

Tokai Forest: Braai in Cape Town
Neil Bradfield

This serene woodland is perfect for long, languid braais with family and friends. It’s a great place to unwind and there’s ample space for the kids to run about and play.
We love The vast wide-open spaces and towering pines, which lend an enchanted-forest feel.
Good to know Occasionally the wonderful wafting smell of delicious food attracts baboons, who then enter the picnic site hoping to get lucky. SanParks warns to avoid contact and not to feed these monkeys, and they should go on their merry way.
Contact 021 712 7471, tablemountain@sanparks.org
Cost TMNP conservation fee
R25 (adults – 12 years and older)
R15 (children)
Additional R25 fee per vehicle
Location Tokai Forest, Tokai Road, Tokai, Cape Town


29 Sept 2017 8

Oudekraal Beach Cape Town

This sheltered cove between Camp’s Bay and Llandudno is beach-braai heaven. The secluded barbeque areas have seating with great views of the ocean.
We love With sandy beaches, clear waters for snorkelling on calm days, and huge boulders just a few meters away, it’s a deliriously relaxing spot for a family day out.
Good to know It is closed during the week from 1 June to 30 September, but is open every weekend and on public holidays irrespective of the season.
Contact 021 712 7471, tablemountain@sanparks.org
Cost TMNP conservation fee
R40 (adults)
R25 (children under 12)
Location Oudekraal, Victoria Road, between Llandudno and Camps Bay


29 Sept 2017 9

Wynberg Park: Braai Spots Cape Town
Jens on Flickr

With luscious green lawns, a duck pond and ample space to sit around the braai area, this park is an old favourite among Capetonians.
We love the fully equipped kids’ play area, which means they can run wild while you relax.
Good to know The braai area is open from 8am until 6pm daily.
Contact 021 710 9403
Cost Free
Location Wynberg Park, Corner of Klaasens and Trovato Link Roads, Wynberg, Cape Town


29 Sept 2017 10

Backyard Grill: Best Braai Spots

With rustic picnic tables, an enclosed bar, and a backyard to lounge around in, this Sea Point restaurant might just be the ideal way to braai – you get to relax while somebody else does the schlep work!
We love that you can sit back and wait for your meal to be delivered to your table, hot off the coals. All you need to do is select your meat (or seafood) and side dishes such as mealies, veggie kebabs and salads. The best part? You get to enjoy the braai without smelling like you’ve been to one!
Contact 021 433 1296, daniel@thebackyardgrill.co.za
Cost R150 – R300 (main meals)
R180 (per person for group braai platter)
Location Backyard Grill Lounge, 72 Regent Road, Sea Point, Cape Town


29 Sept 2017 11

Maidens Cove
Moises De Gouveia

Located between Glen Beach and Clifton Fourth, this beautifully scenic area – and prime sunset spot – offers designated public braai and picnic spots with magnificent views of the Atlantic, 12 Apostles and Table Mountain, making it the place for a hot summer’s day braai.
We love The tidal pool, perfect for a dip between sunbathing on the big boulders. It’s also a great place to indulge in some diving and dolphin- and whale-spotting (between June and December).
Contact 021 438 8212
Cost Free
Location Maiden’s Cove, Victoria Road, Camps Bay, Cape Town


29 Sept 2017 12

Buffels Bay: Braai Spots Cape Town
Credit: Outdoor Photo

Worth visiting for the views alone, Buffels Bay and Bordjiesdrif in the Cape Point Nature Reserve are famous for their amazing braai and picnic spots, complete with a safe tidal pool for the kids. Bring your own grid and wood, and don’t feed the baboons!
We love the unparallelled views of endless ocean, rugged rocks and dizzying cliffs, not to mention the rich flora and fauna (buck, Cape mountain zebra and over 250 bird species).
Contact 021 780 9204, info@capepoint.co.za
Cost Standard Cape Point entry fee
R135 (adults)
R70 (children)
Location Cape Point Nature Reserve, Cape Point Road, Cape Town


29 Sept 2017 13

Tsaarsbank: Braai Spots Cape Town

Located in the West Coast National Park, Tsaarsbank has braai facilities with stunning views of the Atlantic Ocean.
We love During whale season (August to October), you can spot the majestic creatures while enjoying your braai. Other activities, such as hiking, biking and bird-watching can keep you busy for hours, so you can make a day of it.
Contact 022 772 2144, reservations@sanparks.org
Cost (Outside Flower Season)
R50 (adults)
R25 (children)
R70 (adults, during flower season)
R35 (children, during flower season)
Location West Coast National Park, R27, West Coast


29 Sept 2017 14


Assegaibosch: Braai Spots Cape Town
Andre Visser

Just outside Stellenbosch in the Jonkershoek Valley is where you will find this leafy nature reserve. Formerly a cultivated flower garden, the reserve has various hiking trails that are open to the public.
We love that they only allow 60 people into the reserve per day to help with conservation efforts. You can also enjoy swimming in the Eerste River.
Contact 021 483 0190, bookings@capenature.co.za
Cost Conservation fee R40 (adults)
R20 (children)
Location Assegaaibosch Nature Reserve, Jonkershoek Road, Jonkershoek Valley, Stellenbosch


29 Sept 2017 15

Kogel Bay: Braai Spots Cape Town

You’ll find this postcard-perfect spot along Clarence Drive, a 20-kilometre scenic route between Gordon’s Bay and Rooi Els famous for whale-spotting.
We love The high mountains, surrounding the resort, shelter the beach and protect it from the strong summer southeaster, making it an ideal braai spot.
Contact 021 856 9622
Cost Camping fees (R132 – R202)
Location Kogel Bay Resort, R44, Helderberg Rural, Cape Town


29 Sept 2017 16

Preekstoel: Braai Spots Cape Town
Explorers Garden Route

This secret sliver of beach near Kraalbaai in the West Coast National Park offers seclusion, shelter and breathtaking views of the lagoon. Preekstoel – which means preacher’s pulpit – is the perfect day trip for a relaxing family braai. Better still, rent a houseboat or hire a house, and make a weekend of it. There are wonderful hikes, fabulous bird-watching, and the best swimming ever.
We love watching the houseboats bobbing around in the shallows, and dreaming we were on one…
Contact 022 772 2144, reservations@sanparks.org
Cost (Outside Flower Season)
R50 (adults)
R25 (children)
R70 (adults, flower season)
R35 (children, flower season)
Location West Coast National Park, R27, West Coast


29 Sept 2017 17

Little Bay: Braai Spots Cape Town

Offering one of our favourite views of Table Mountain, a grassy braai area, soft beach sand for the children to run around on, and even a jungle gym with a slide, this braai spot has: “family day out” written all over it.
We love the postcard-perfect view of Table Mountain…
Contact 021 550 1204
Cost Free
Location 7 Popham Road, Bloubergstrand, Cape Town


29 Sept 2017 18

Berg River Resort: Braai Spots Cape Town

This riverside braai spot – somewhere between Paarl, Franschhoek and Stellenbosch – is wonderful for a superbly relaxing day in the country. The rambling lawns invite endless games of catch and volleyball for the children, while the parents busy themselves with the business of braaiing close by.
We love the serenity…
Contact 021 007 1852
Cost R60 per person (May – September 2017)
R80 per person and per vehicle (October 2017 – December 2017; January 2018 – March 2018)
R100 per person and per vehicle (16 December 2017 – 8 January 2018)
Location R45 Franschhoek Road, Paarl South, Cape Town

13 Sept 2017

15,16 and 17 September

Bigger, better, more competitive and more fun than ever before!


Sponsored by Harbour Bay, supported by Intasure, this 3 day festival of sailing is False Bay Yacht Club’s premier regatta and one of the biggest in the country. It attracts upward of 50 entries with representatives from all keelboat sailing clubs in the Western Cape. It is also the preparation event for the Mossel Bay off-shore race, which takes place the following weekend.

The event kicks off the summer sailing season in the Cape and is characterised by fantastic sailing off Simonstown, a competitive environment and a vibrant sailing festival atmosphere.

The False Bay Yacht Club will be a hive of activity with live music throughout the weekend and plenty of activities to keep the whole family entertained. While activity on the water will be fast and furious, with ORC in-shore racing as well as medium distance races for the cruisers. This year, the event will also feature live tracking so those on shore can follow the action on the water.  This is one event on the Cape’s sporting calendar not to be missed.

The Spring regatta weekend features:

  • Happy hours and drinks promotions all weekend long!
  • Fun prizes every evening!
  • Harken winch grinding competition.
  • Lucky draws.
  • Crew packs on entry (competitors caps).
  • ORC classes and cruising classes (This is a unique opportunity for cruisers to scrape off the barnacles and have some competitive fun in a  controlled environment)
  • Live tracking on screen in the bar and internet.
  • Free mooring during the regatta!

Located in the Port of Cape Town, RCYC offers a warm greeting and hospitality to weary sailors. Should you be a first time visitor, we invite you to discover the “Fairest Cape” with its bounty of scenery, wine farms, local cuisine and much much more.


The Club was founded as the Table Bay Yacht Club in 1905 and commenced operation as such in a waterside boatshed located some 50 to 60 metres northward of the foot of Loop Street. Surviving early vicissitudes, the club’s name was changed in 1914 to the Cape Yacht Club which incorporated the Alfred Rowing Club and shortly after we received the Royal Charter to become the Royal Cape Yacht Club.

Buffeted by change we moved from clubhouse to clubhouse, and it was not until the decade after the 2nd World War (1939 – 1945) that the shell of the present clubhouse came to be erected. It was added to when the local yachting boom – started by the first Trans-Atlantic Race from Cape Town to Rio de Janeiro in 1971 – took off and changed the Club from a small membership of around 300 to the present figure of some 3000.

The Club House, 1905

Boat accommodation was forced to progress from swing moorings to the marina’s of today. Likewise control had to pass from amateur committees to the professional staff which you will find today.

Boat accommodation progressed from swinging moorings to the club marina of today. Likewise control had to pass from amateur committees to the professional staff which now operates the club. The Royal Cape Yacht Club sits at the foot of Africa, a quiet enclave tucked away in the bustle of Cape Town’s docks. It is a prime location for sailors looking for respite from stormy weather and the club has hosted thousands of weary sailors over the years.

The first committee, April 1905

The club itself is modest, a low-slung building that houses offices, a first class restaurant and a bar where more tall tales have been told than on any other patch of earth. Its relaxed atmosphere and view over crowded docks bustling with activity is a very pleasant way to while away a long lunch or a cozy, romantic dinner.

The Club hosts important sailing events including the Country’s premier keelboat regattas. The Cape to Rio and South Atlantic Races have been hosted by Royal Cape Yacht Club since inception in 1971. Other international events have included the Whitbread Race, the BT Global Challenge, The BOC Around Alone Race, the Volvo Race, The Lisbon Expo 98, Clippers, and the Hong Kong Challenge, to name but a few. Down the centuries, the Southern tip of the African continent, has extended a welcome to seafarers, gaining for the city the soubriquet of the “Tavern of the Seas”

Opening Cruise 1907

The Club has a Development Sail Training program which has been in operation for several years. We have now teamed up with Izivunguvungu in Simon’s Town and between the two organisations have trained quite a few young sailors who are now competing in major offshore races.

Throughout all these changes the spirit of the Club of which we are so proud has been maintained and handed down in a tradition which has survived the changes time has imposed on us.