Hydro-bike in Simon’s Town


Get up close and personal with the thriving ocean life of Simon’s Town as you glide over the water on a hydro bike with Cape Town’s first ever water-biking tour.

Cape Town Water Bikes offers guided as well as self-guided tours on hydro bikes from Simon’s Town, in which riders can ‘cycle’ to some of the most popular spots in the area, from Boulders beach to the Clan Stuart Shipwreck.

The hydro bikes are silent, meaning that there is a big chance of riders encountering an array of marine animals such as dolphins and seals.

Riders can safely explore the ocean without leaving a carbon footprint—the water bikes do not require fuel and do not emit harmful emissions.

The state-of-the-art hydro bikes are easy to use and no prior experience or skill is required to ride them. Unlike with conventional bicycles, you do not need to learn how to balance on a hydro bike to ride one.

Guided tours last two hours, departing form Simons Town pier from 8am and 11am seven days a week.

The tours are dependent on both weather and sea conditions, while walk-in rentals are available throughout the day. Due to changing weather patterns in the Mother City, it is advisable to bring a lightweight jacket with you on your adventure.

Come rain or shine, Cape Town Water Bikes is open for business.

“We do not let rain stop our adventures. We explore in rain and shine,” a statement on Cape Town Water Bikes’ official webpage reads.

Guided tours cost R590 per person and include a safety radio, buoyancy aid and bottled water.

Riders must meet the following requirements to use the water-bikes:

They must be age 13 and older. Children aged 13 must be accompanied by an adult.

Riders must be a minimum height of 1.5 metres

The maximum weight allowed on the hydro bikes is 110kg.

Bookings for tours can be made here and customers are advised to contact the Cape Town Water Bikes office prior to their trip to ensure that weather conditions are suitable for the tour.

Source: www.capetownnet.com


More information about Hydro-biking:

What is a hydrobike?

Hydrobike is the worldwide premier water bike. The Hydrobike is the ultimate in human powered watercraft. With little effort you can cruise at 5 miles per hour. They can easily be ridden in even the windiest and waviest conditions. They are virtually impossible to tip over and they are GREAT for fishing.

What kind of clothing should I wear, will I get wet?

Any comfortable clothing, maybe a light jacket for cooler days. You will not get wet unless you choose to.

What time of day is best to Hydrobike?

Mornings are the calmest time on the water with little wind, while afternoons have more onshore winds making it harder to ride. If it is too windy, we may limit the rental area or cancel rentals altogether.

Unfortunately, weather conditions vary and it is sometimes impossible to predict how the weather will be until the day-of or the day before your rental reservation. Calling us directly will give you the most up to date information.

How stable is it?

Very stable, it will not tip over when the rider is standing or sitting on the side-decks. It’s also stable in high waves and swells.

Is there a weight limit?

Yes, the weight limit is 300 lbs.

Can children ride them?

Most children ages 10 and up are able to ride themselves, as long as they are able to reach the pedals.

How close can I get to wildlife?

Five boat lengths is best to avoid disturbing animals.  It is illegal to disturb, chase, touch or feed marine mammals who are protected by Federal Law and you may be fined if reported.

Source: www.montereybayhydrobikes.com

Photo credit: bramante-it.com