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The Cape Point Ostrich Farm lies on the most beautiful part of the Cape Peninsula.

The farm is only a few minute’s drive from

Mariner Guesthouse, and 50km from Cape Town, next to the Cape of Good Hope Nature Reserve (Cape Point National Park).


The drive to the farm is one of the great scenic routes of South Africa leading to the Cape of Good Hope, either via Simons Town or via Scarborough.

map The farm is easy to find on Cape Town’s route M65 south, 400meters north of the entrance to the Cape Of Good Hope Nature Reserve (Cape Point National Park).

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 “Just Nuisance”, as the dog was to become known by, was by all accounts born on Thursday1st April 1937 in Rondebosch, a suburb in the south peninsula of Cape Town.

At an early age, the pup was sold to a Benjamin Chaney who moved to Simon’s Town to run the United Services Institute (USI). The USI was frequented mainly by the Royal Navy sailors – The Royal Navy at that time being in charge of the Simon’s Town Naval Base. This Great Dane soon grew to be a massive dog and it was here in Simon’s Town that he was to become a legend.


Just Nuisance would regularly follow the naval liberty men when they went for a “run-ashore” in Cape Town some 22 miles and 27 stations north on the electric railway, but he always new which station he wanted. He soon became well known on the trains and would jump on and off at different stations. Apparently, the sailors would try to hide him from the Ticket collector, but as he was such a big dog this was not always possible and he would be put off at the next station, but being a very clever dog, he would walk back to the previous station or just wait at the station in question and board the next train to continue his journey.



A few times, when approached by an angry conductor, he showed how serious he was about rail travel by standing on his hind legs, putting his huge paws on the conductor’s shoulders and growling in the poor man’s face. Amused civilians would sometimes offer to pay his fare but exasperated railway officials sent a stream of demands to Mr. Chaney his owner to confine the dog, pay his fares, or get rid of him. The railways finally warned that they would have to put him down if he persisted in boarding trains. This resulted in a massive outcry from his sailor friends and other people in the Peninsula who had come to know him well. One amused regular passenger even offered to buy him a season ticket but the Royal Navy had already put this in hand…



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An insane experience of adrenaline and achievement: a 112 meter controlled abseil descent off Cape Towns magnificent

Table Mountain.


Step off the top at over 1000 meters above sea level and abseil into pure oblivion and indulge in the world’s highest commercial abseil, surrounded with the privilege of awesome views of the city of Cape Town, Chapman’s Peak and the deep blue Atlantic of the Camps Bay and Clifton coastline at your feet.


Hike or take the cable car to meet us at the top for this mind-blowing experience. No climbing or abseiling experience is necessary to enjoy this incredible experience at one of the world’s most magnificent natural landmarks.

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Book your stay at Mariner Guesthouse, and experience a scheduled Township Tour in Cape Town!

Cape Town has millions of people living in townships, and this tour takes you to visit them and offers an opportunity to find out about their harsh past, to witness the challenges they face every day, and about the positive hope for the future.


So much has been achieved, but there is still so much to be done! Start the tour in District Six (closed on Sundays) and hear all about the forced removal of people who called this home.

Continue to Langa which is the oldest township in Cape Town, and visit the local market and a wonderful art and craft centre before an exciting experience with a traditional healer to watch him in action!

Proceed to Bonteheuwel, Nyanga, Crossroads, Gugulethu and Khayelitscha. Each of these townships has a story and a culture all of its own.


In Gugulethu drive past the Amy Biehl Memorial and Memorial of the Gugulethu Seven. Find out about the history and the heroes, and what makes these places ‘tick’.

You have the chance to interact with the locals and learn out about their different cultures, and you’ll leave with a greater understanding of how each of these townships contributes in its own unique way to the Rainbow Nation.



Note: Some of the venues may be closed on public holidays, Saturdays and Sundays

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