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A warm welcome awaits with our complimentary home-made Glühwein – wonderful for a fire-side winter-warmer! 20% discount on all bookings for 2 adults sharing a room, minimum 2 nights’ stay.

2 junie blog

Rates from R 525 per person per night, breakfast included.

Valid for bookings in June, July & August ’15

If you don’t have a car the train is a cheap and terrific way to get here. The roughly hourly trip runs direct from Cape Town Station offering one of the most scenic train rides in the world along the coast via Muizenberg to the most southerly train station in Africa!


Get the timetables here:

Royal Navy

The Royal Navy-Marines captured in Simon`s Town 1928.

Look at the buildings in the background, many have not changed that much, and are still in good use today.


Navy Royal-Marines 1928


Navy Royal-Marines 1928


Navy Royal-Marines 1928

Photos shared from Wil Howard


1. Layer up

Although you might think that big winter jumpers are the way to go, wearing layers of thin clothes will keep you warmer as they trap body heat.

2. Eat well and drink warm

While having a hot tea or coffee may make you feel warmer, it’s more to do with the caffeine. That is because caffeine increases blood flow to the skin. You may feel warmer as a result, but your body is actually losing heat. Alcohol has the same affect. Try sticking to decaffeinated or herbal hot drinks instead. Eating regular meals will also help keep you warm. Healthy hearty foods such as soup and stews are great for warming you up. Try to include carbohydrates in your dishes too. Porridge and soup are great winter-warmers.

3. Get moving

“When we are hot we increase the blood flow to the skin. That is why people get red when they exercise – because we are trying to release heat – so the blood flow to the skin increases and your skin feels warmer,” (Professor Taylor)

 4. Stay social

Try to keep an active social life this winter to help keep the cold at bay and boost your mood.

 5. Snuggle up

Save on your electricity bills this winter and get cozy with warm blankets instead. Maybe even dig out your hot water bottle, although you should never use it in bed when using an electric blanket too.