Clear, blue skies and long, warm evenings is a standard feature of Cape Town’s long summer that stretches from as early as October and into March. It’s the sort of summer that you’d think wouldn’t require much preparation at all, save an extra pair of flip flops and perhaps, a fancy swimsuit. But, there’s plenty more to know about summer in the Mother City. Such as that the average daytime spans a glorious 15 hours and that the South Easter – the prevailing summer wind – can sometimes gust at 60 kilometres per hour at its strongest. Here are a few ways you can truly prepare for your visit:

Your checklist

The temperature

Cape Town’s summer is something akin to Mediterranean, meaning it’s dry and often fairly windy with breathtakingly blue skies to admire and which lasts from November through to March. The average day temperature during summer is a balmy 23 degrees Celsius, but it can often get as high as 35 degrees Celsius and if a Berg wind blows (from the inland Karoo desert), you’ll see temperatures soar closer to 40 degrees Celsius.

On your checklist: Pack summer clothes and that swimsuit

The wind

Wind is certainly a feature of summer in Cape Town. The prevailing wind direction comes from the the south east, blowing off the cool ocean and making the hotter days in Cape Town more bearable. Known as the Cape Doctor, it blows most during January and February and is well-loved by wind sports enthusiasts, such as kite surfers. The Cape Doctor can have you reaching for a cardigan or light jacket, even when temperatures are on the hot side, so be sure to keep one handy when you head out. If you’re looking to spend time outdoors out of the wind, then head over to Hout Bay beach, or one of the Clifton beaches.

On your checklist: Pack a light jacket or two

summer in cape town

The sun

It’s no secret that the African sun can be harsh, so don’t forget to apply a layer of sun block before spending any amount of time outdoors and be sure to reapply half way through the day. A hat and of course, keeping well hydrated, will also help those unaccustomed to the persistent heat to cope more effectively.

On your checklist: Buy sun block, a hat and some water

Water scarce

Cape Town is currently experiencing one of the worst droughts in recent history. The city is open for business and welcoming visitors, and this year’s winter rains brought much-needed relief, but the region is still water-stressed. We need everyone to help by being water-wise when visiting Cape Town. We need you to save like a local, and keep your usage to under 70 litres per day.

On your checklist: Stay waterwise.

The outdoors

One of the best things about Cape Town is its range of amazing natural spots in which to picnic, enjoy the glorious views and explore. Whether it be on one of the many pristine beaches in Cape Town or at a mountainside stop, be aware that the consumption of alcohol is prohibited.

On your checklist: Always keep your belongings safe when visiting the beach

Boyes Drive hiker

Giving tips

Every city has its own rules. Luckily in Cape Town, these are straightforward. When tipping your waiter at a restaurant, a tip of about 10% of the bill is considered fair. Official car guards in the CBD will charge R3.40 for the first 15 minutes, and a flat hourly rate thereafter. Tipping car guards outside of the city centre is also acceptable, and usually at your discretion.

On your checklist: Carry loose change and smaller notes

Getting from A to B

If you’re moving around in the CBD, take in the sights and vibe of Cape Town’s city bowl by setting out on foot. This will mean a fair amount of walking, so make sure you have a comfortable pair of shoes packed. And when it comes to longer distances, there are several transport options including  Uber, MyCiti Bus, railway services and bus systems.

On your checklist: A pair of comfortable walking shoes

Safety first

We know that Table Mountain looks easy to scale and who could resist taking advantage of an easy hike on a beautiful day? However, it’s important to take heed that the climb up – and down – calls for proper planning especially as the temperature is always a few degrees colder and that weather is prone to sudden changes at the top.

On your checklist: Good hiking shoes, plenty of water and a jacket.


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Don’t fancy sharing your patch of sand with hundreds of other sunseekers? Check out our pick of lesser trodden beaches, tipped by those in the know.

With temperatures set to soar for the next few months, we thought it was time to reveal a few secret beaches – stunning stretches of honeyed sand or cool coves that remain uncrowded even on a sunny weekend in December. You might want to pack a picnic (and wear some comfortable shoes to get there), but the reward will be your very own patch of beach (and the soothing soundtrack of gently lapping waves). Paradise is a road trip away…


 Tim Young

Cape Point offers a fine selection of secluded, largely secret beaches (as you will see from our list) – but Platboom (Afrikaans for flat tree) is certainly our best pick, as it’s possibly the wildest, most unspoilt beach in the entire region.
Access runs past Dias Cross, though previous visitors recommend the north-south hike from Gifkommetjie (a 4km route).
With coastal views, and surrounding vegetation and fauna (including the occasional ostrich and baboon), the white expanses of sand are largely deserted, making this one of Cape Town’s most unique and unchartered beaches.
Why we love it There are chalk-white sand dunes and some rocky outcrops to explore, and it’s equally ideal for long, undisturbed strolls along the amazing coastline.
Secret pleasures It’s great for kite- and windsurfing, as it is very exposed – though these outdoor activities are really just for the pros. Due to its seclusion, swimming is not especially recommended, though you can certainly dip your feet into these pristine Atlantic waters!
It’s perfect for: birdwatching, photography, beach strolls and picnicking – just don’t feed Cape Point’s famous Chacma baboons.
Best time to visit during opening hours: 6am – 6pm (October to March); 7am – 5pm (April – September). Although the nature reserve is open throughout the year, spring and summertime are certainly our picks for the fairer weather.
Cost Cape Point Nature Reserve tariff: R145 (adults); R75 (children).
Where it’s hidden some 4.9km from the heart of Cape Point Nature Reserve.
Contact 021 780 9010,


Secret Beach – Diaz

One of Cape Point’s more famous beaches (though still definitely a secret unlocked by only a select few of the reserve’s numerous daily visitors), Diaz Beach makes for a truly unforgettable experience. Oh, and did we mention that it’s one of Cape Town’s most beautiful beaches, too?
Perhaps the reason Diaz remains largely undisturbed is because of the 20-minute walk from the parking lot down a rather steep set of wooden stairs. But for the stunning views alone, it’s undoubtedly worth it, as Diaz will render you breathless in the best possible way!
Why we love it It makes you feel truly alive, as you stand on its unspoilt shoreline and gaze at the crashing waves, towering cliff faces and unrivalled beauty. It is literally situated at the tip of Cape Point (on the western side) and is encircled by dramatic cliffs and wild waves.
Secret pleasures For the brave surfers and bodyboarders among us, you’ll love tackling its hollow barrels. However, swimming can be very risky here, due to the strong currents, so rather just wet your feet.
Best time to visit during opening hours: 6am – 6pm (October to March); 7am – 5pm (April – September). Try arrive early to make the most of your time and avoid the wind.
Cost Cape Point Nature Reserve tariff: R145 (adults); R75 (children).
Where it’s hidden A steep walk down from the Cape Point Nature Reserve.
Contact 021 780 9010,


Hidden Beach – Preekstoel
Tanya Michelle

The West Coast is a land of flourishing fynbos reserves, peaceful fishing villages and pristine beaches, including this 25km stretch of sandy coastline near the Langebaan Lagoon. The beach is named for the preekstoel (preacher’s pulpit in Afrikaans), a rock formation that juts out of the sand at the point where it touches the water, providing convenient shelter for those frolicking in the shallows below.
Why we love it for the long stretch of sandy coastline, pressed up against rugged cliff faces. There’s even a rusted shipwreck to add to the mystique.
Secret pleasures The warm waters are suitable for swimming, snorkelling and fishing, and the length of the beach makes it ideal for a long walk. Though braaing on the beach is not permitted, there is a braai area and picnic spot next to the Langebaan Lagoon.
Best time to visit Spring, when the West Coast comes alive with colourful wild flowers. Opening hours are 7am – 7pm (September to March) and 7am – 6pm (April to August).
Cost West Coast National Park tariff: R54 – R76 (adults, depending on season) ; R27 – R38 (children, depending on season)
Where it’s hidden West Coast National Park, between Yzerfontein and Langebaan on the R27.
Contact 022 772 2144, or
072 873 6453 (emergency number)


Secret Beach – Olifantsbos
Ellie Shepley Montgomerie

This small, sandy beach in the Cape Point Nature Reserve is edged by wild, natural fynbos, and its stretch of coastline offers you the chance to discover at least three shipwrecks, which bear testament to the ferocity of the infamous Cape of Storms.
It is also a marine protected area and has a nearby shallow lagoon, which draws wonderful coastal birdlife to the area.
Why we love it Not only is it one of Cape Point’s best-kept secrets, it even has its own secluded guesthouse – a little, self-catering cottage nestled at the foot of a rocky outcrop and overlooking the peaceful, windswept beach. (Booking in advance is advisable.)
Secret pleasures Great birdwatching (and sometimes the occasional bontebok sighting too), several well-marked hiking trails (including the Shipwreck and Sirkelsvlei Hikes), and delightful beach walks along its pristine shoreline. Surfing is also great here, especially when there’s an incoming tide and the southeaster blows.
Best time to visit during opening hours: 6am – 6pm (October to March); 7am – 5pm (April – September)
Cost Cape Point Nature Reserve tariff: R145 (adults); R75 (children)
Where it’s hidden the first turn-off after the Cape Point Nature Reserve entrance on the reserve’s western side.
Contact 021 780 9010,


Hidden Beaches Cape Town – Dalebrook
Ed Babb

Kalk Bay’s tidal pools are a popular attraction, but not all visitors to the sleepy seaside village have discovered Dalebrook Pool, and those that have are reluctant to share it.
Why we love it The pool is maintained by the City Council, which combined with the natural barracuda effect provided by the waves, produces a particularly clean swimming area (as well as a secluded one, since the popular St James Tidal Pool tends to draw most of the crowds).
Secret pleasures The tidal pools are enclosed by man-made cement walls, which are still low enough to allow the occasional wave to break over, gently buffeting the pool’s occupants and making for a particularly enjoyable yet safe swimming experience.
Best time to visit Those who prefer warmer water will want to visit during the summer, though an icy dip during the winter can be quite invigorating.
Cost Free
Where it’s hidden Off Kalk Bay Main Road, opposite Dalebrook Road. A small subway goes under the railway line, providing easy access to the pool.


Beaches Cape Town – Maclear
Natalie Soares

This quiet, isolated beach is yet another Cape Point gem, reached by following one or two fynbos-lined footpaths. Considered one of the most secluded beaches around, it lies just off the Cape of Good Hope, meaning it literally sits pretty near Africa’s most southwesterly point.
Why we love it The views are truly spectacular and it’s no wonder that years ago, Irish-born South African astronomer, Sir Thomas Maclear (after whom the beach is named), used to bundle his family into the horse-and-cart on Sunday mornings and travel all the way from Observatory just to picnic there.
Secret pleasures Picnicking, exploring rock pools, excellent diving, as well as crayfish, yellowtail and other kinds of fishing.
Best time to visit during opening hours: 6am – 6pm (October to March); 7am – 5pm (April – September), as well as spring low tide when the rockpools are at their best and there’s more beach to enjoy. There is also ample parking nearby, making it more accessible than Cape Point’s other beaches.
Cost Cape Point Nature Reserve tariff: R145 (adults); R75 (children)
Where it’s hidden close to the Cape of Good Hope, in the Cape Point Nature Reserve.
Contact 021 780 9010,


Cape Town Beaches – Water's Edge

Off the beaten track, this one is considered something of a local secret in Simon’s Town.
Found at the end of paved pathway – running from the Seaforth Beach parking lot and past the back of Seaforth Restaurant – this beach offers a delightful, secluded bay, stunning views and a largely private day at the beach in one of Cape Town’s most popular seaside locations.
Why we love it It has the added benefit of lying between Seaforth and Boulders Beaches, which famously draw the crowds, yet it remains relatively undiscovered… In fact, most people don’t even know it exists! It is also a haven for children, making it a family-friendly option.
Secret pleasures largely untouched rockpools – inhabited by starfish, sea anemones, molluscs and other interesting sea creatures – as well as a pretty, sheltered bay, complete with shade-providing trees and awesome granite boulders. If you’re lucky, you might spot some penguins too. It makes for wonderful picnicking, swimming, diving and snorkelling, with great exploration fun and castle-building opportunities for the little ones.
Best time to visit during the day whenever the weather is best (or the other False Bay beaches are too crowded).
Cost Free
Where it’s hidden between Seaforth and Boulders Beach in Simon’s Town.
Contact 021 786 8440,


Windmill Beach Simon's Town
Samantha Sivewright

The lesser-known sibling of Boulders Beach, and similar in appearance, this spot is tucked away behind the golf course in Simon’s Town, surrounded by granite boulders that make for a conveniently sheltered swimming area.
Why we love it A colourful array of sea life dwells among the rocks, and since it’s around the corner from the penguin colony, you’re bound to see some visitors of the flippered variety. The water is shallow and sheltered by the boulders, making for a safe swimming area that kids love, especially if a few penguins happen to flop by.
Secret pleasures Great for swimming, snorkeling and picnicking. Since the reef contains such a diversity of sea life, it’s a popular diving spot, and especially ideal for novice divers due to the protected nature of the cove. Dogs are also welcome.
Best time to visit On a calm day, when there’s no swell. Winter is best as the swell is usually low. The site is relatively sheltered from the wind but can get rough when there’s a southeaster.
Important note There are no lifeguards or shark spotters on duty, and facilities are minimal. There’s a fresh-water shower, changing rooms and public toilets (though they’re not in the best condition).
Cost Free
Where it’s hidden Simon’s Town, behind the golf course. Accessed via Bellevue Road. Parking is available at Links Crescent, which is your first right after the golf course.
Contact 021 786 8440,


Sunset Beach Western Cape

If you fancy sunsets and long walks on the beach, get them both – along with a view of Table Mountain that’s ready-made for postcards.
Why we love it It’s a lesser known alternative to Melkbos and Blouberg, free from the holiday hordes. It also offers some of the best views to be had from any beach in the Cape, with Table Mountain and Robben Island as the backdrop.
Secret pleasures Picnicking, sunbathing, swimming and bodyboarding. It’s also rated as the third best windsurfing spot in the world, after Hawaii and New Zealand.
Best time to visit As the name suggests, you’ll want to be here during late afternoon, so you can enjoy the spectacular sunsets.
Cost Free
Where it’s hidden Blaauwberg
Contact 021 550 1111


27 Des 2017 1

A secluded beach clear of crowds and visited only by the occasional surfer (or celebrity chef looking for a place to pick mussels). Dogs are welcome, but the locals would appreciate it if you helped keep their sandy hideaway a secret.
Important note The stretch of beach between Noordhoek and Kommetjie has seen an increase in criminal activity in recent times, including several reports of violent incidents. Visitors are urged to be cautious and alert if they choose to travel through this area. You can contact Komwatch for more information.
Why we love it The stretch of pristine white sand beside turquoise waters is a vision of idyllic seclusion and coastal beauty, and it’s great that your pooch gets to enjoy it too.
Secret pleasures The strong winds make it an ideal spot for windsurfing and kite-flying, though perhaps not such a great location for picnics. Be cautious if taking a dip, as the area is prone to rip currents.
Best time to visit Any time during daylight hours. Be sure to first check the wind forecasts.
Cost Free (dog-walkers require an annual Level 1 My Activity Permit (R270), as the beach falls within the jurisdiction of the Table Mountain National Park).
Contact 021 712 0527, (Table Mountain National Park)
021 712 7471 (information on My Activity Permits)
Where it’s hidden Camel Rock Road, Scarborough

You’ll also find peace and quiet at…

Gifkommetjie Beach (Cape Point)
Frank’s Bay (aka Froggy Pond, Simon’s Town)
Fisherman’s Beach (Simon’s Town)
Beta Beach (Bakoven)


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12 Des 2017

It’s natural to want to get out in the sun during warm summer days. It should also be second nature to take steps to protect your skin from the sun when you go outside.

Ultraviolet (UV) rays – from the sun and other sources like tanning beds – are the #1 cause of skin cancer. Too much exposure can also cause sunburn, eye damage, and premature wrinkles. But shielding your skin with clothing, broad-spectrum sunscreen with a sun protection factor (SPF) of 30 or higher, and staying in the shade can help lower your risk.

Take these steps to stay sun-safe:

  • Cover up: When you are out in the sun, wear clothing and a wide-brimmed hat to protect as much skin as possible. Protect your eyes with sunglasses that block at least 99% of UV light.
  • Use a broad-spectrum sunscreen with an SPF of 30 or higher: Reapply at least every 2 hours, as well as after swimming or sweating.
  • Seek shade: Limit your direct exposure to the sun, especially between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m., when UV rays are strongest.
  • Avoid tanning beds and sunlamps: Both can cause serious long-term skin damage and contribute to skin cancer.

Choosing the right sunscreen

While you should use sunscreen every day of the year, it’s even more important during the summer, when the days are longer, the sun is stronger, and it’s easier to spend more time outdoors. When choosing sunscreen, read the label before you buy. US Food and Drug Administration regulations require the labels to follow certain guidelines:

  • Choose a sunscreen with “broad-spectrum” protection. Sunscreens with this label protect against both UVA and UVB rays. All sunscreen products protect against UVB rays, which are the main cause of sunburn. But UVA rays also contribute to skin cancer and premature aging. Only products that pass a test can be labeled “broad spectrum.” Products that aren’t broad spectrum must carry a warning that they only protect against sunburn, not skin cancer or skin aging.
  • Choose a sunscreen with a sun protection factor (SPF) of 30 or higher. The SPF number is the level of protection the sunscreen provides against UVB rays. Higher SPF numbers do mean more protection, but the higher you go, the smaller the difference becomes. SPF 15 sunscreens filter out about 93% of UVB rays, while SPF 30 sunscreens filter out about 97%; SPF 50 sunscreens filter about 98%, and SPF 100 filter about 99%. No sunscreen protects you completely. The FDA requires any sunscreen with an SPF below 15 to carry a warning that it only protects against sunburn, not skin cancer or skin aging.
  • “Water resistant” does not mean “waterproof.” No sunscreens are waterproof or “sweatproof,” and manufacturers are not allowed to claim that they are. If a product’s front label makes claims of being water resistant, it must specify whether it lasts for 40 minutes or 80 minutes while swimming or sweating. For best results, reapply sunscreen at least every 2 hours and even more often if you are swimming or sweating. Sunscreen usually rubs off when you towel yourself dry, so you will need to put more on.


10 Okt 2017 1

What would summer be without ice cream? Uneventful, right? This season, you don’t have to settle for supermarket varieties – artisanal and all-natural gelato joints are popping up all over the Mother City.

We dish the scoop on the best ice cream spots in Cape Town. And if you have others to add, please do so in the comments below – we’d love to hear from you.


10 Okt 2017 2

All products are lovingly handmade using locally sourced and seasonal ingredients that have been produced in an environmentally friendly way.
The Creamery has branches in Newlands, Mouille Point and most recently, Claremont’s Palmyra Junction, as well as stalls at the V&A’s Market on the Wharf, the Neighbourgoods Market and the Earth Fair Market at St. Georges Mall. You can also hire its staffed vintage scoop stall for private functions.
How it’s served cup or cone.
Wow factor Because it uses only seasonal ingredients in its ice creams, the flavours change often, so you never know which ones you’ll get when you visit. Also, each month, The Creamery introduces a flavour of the month.
Contact 021 447 7690,
Location Dean Street, Newlands;  Beach Road, Mouille Point; and Palmyra Road, Claremont
You can also get the ice cream at Market on the Wharf, The Neighourgoods Market and Earth Fair Market


10 Okt 2017 3

Owner Yann Rey and ice-cream master Stéphane Augé have engineered and dreamed up the exciting variety of flavours at this understated, yet stylish, ice-cream parlour. At Unframed, they believe in the authentic, hands-on approach to the art of ice-cream making, using a perfect balance between sugar, water, fat and air.
The best part is that it caters for everyone, including lactose-intolerant and vegan ice-cream lovers too! We recommend Jasmine Rice Lemongrass (vegan), Burnt White Chocolate, Matcha Tea (vegan) and Sea Salt Chocolate.
How it’s served as a cone, cup or tasting flight (a choice of 5 flavours)
Wow factor Unframed has some pretty delectable toppings to choose from: Pink Pralines Swirl, Cardamom Dark Chocolate and Superfood Raw White Mulberry, to name a few.
Contact 063 601 0287,
Location Unframed Ice Cream, 45C Kloof Street Cape Town


10 Okt 2017 4

Tucked away within a wondrous chocolate shop that’s owned and run by a dedicated and passionate husband-and-wife duo, Le Delizie serves artisanal gelato, super sorbets (and nougat and chocolates, too). Gelati flavours include: stracciatella (a cream-based ice cream filled with crunchy, dark chocolate pieces), caramel (caramello), hazelnut (nocciola), 70% chocolate (cioccolato), coffee (caffè) and mint choc chip (menta), as well as tantalising lemon, dark chocolate and strawberry sorbet. All the gelati are eggless, except for Crema Della Nonna (Granny’s Cream), which uses egg yolk.
How it’s served in a takeaway tub (500g) or takeaway cup, and they don’t scoop, they dish – Italian style!
Wow factor Massimo’s gelato bonbons (Italian kisses); the tiramisu and cherry cream ice-cream; and the stunning, specially moulded ice-cream cakes (which are available for order and can be made with either gelato or sorbet, with a choice of two flavours for the filling).
Contact 062 034 2732,
Where to find it Le Delizie, Shop 15, Dean Street Arcade, Main Street, Newlands, Cape Town


10 Okt 2017 5

ShweShwe holds the honour of being South Africa’s first small ice-cream company to use old-fashioned pints (the equivalent of a 470ml carton tub). Each batch of ice cream is made from scratch, using milk, cream, sugar and eggs to make a creamy base before adding in natural flavours. The result? All-good deliciousness, minus stabilisers, additives or fillers.
Based in Stellenbosch, along with its sister brand, Ice Cream Community, ShweShwe has been producing scoops of joy since 2011. ShweShwe is available to serve ice cream at weddings and events – from a handmade, vintage bicycle!
How it’s served in a 125ml or 470ml tub.
Wow factor Aside from staples such as chocolate and vanilla, it serves some pretty interesting flavours…braaied marshmallow, salted caramel and banana or beetroot and honeycomb!
Contact 072 938 2810, 076 416 6439,
Location ShweShwe, The Launch Lab, Hammandshand Road, Stellenbosch
You can also get the ice cream at selected SPARs and Melissas in Cape Town and Stellenbosch


10 Okt 2017 6

Founded in 2013, Sorbetière was born out of French chef Berenne Cristini’s desire to make Cape sorbet. Offering both sorbet and ice cream, Sorbetière uses local products, natural ingredients and seasonal flavours to make its inspired creations.
Its dairy-free, vegan-friendly sorbets are made from 70 to 80% fresh fruit and a water base, while its ice creams use fresh milk and natural ingredients, with no artificial flavours or colourants.
How it’s served take-away 500ml or 2L tubs, 1 or 2 scoops in homemade sugar cones.
Wow factor You can order ice cream cupcakes and have them delivered to your door!
Contact 079 085 5607,
Location SorbetièreSide Street Studios, 48 Albert Road, Woodstock, Cape Town
You can also get the ice cream at various stores, wine farms, restaurants and cafés including: Honest Chocolate Café, The Dining Room, South China Dim Sum, Gogo’s Deli and Burrata, as well as at their Side Street Studios-based workshop


10 Okt 2017 7

Based in Paarl, De Villiers Chocolate is a delicious bean-to-bar chocolate maker, coffee roastery and ice-creamery. What began as a garage-based hobby has become a fully fledged chocolate factory, shop and café, housed in a Cape Dutch home where visitors can watch the chocolate-making process through glass walls. All products are made using natural and fresh ingredients, and without any additional flavourings or preservatives. They also now have a new shop/café in Franschhoek’s Heritage Square.
How it’s served in a sugar cone or bowl.
Wow factor The dreamy flavours, which include caramel, rum and raisin, chocolate, strawberry, vanilla, peanut butter, espresso and mango-passion sorbet.
Contact (021) 874 1060,
Location De Villiers Artisan Chocolate, Suid-Agter Paarl Road, Paarl and Heritage Square, Main Road, Franschhoek


10 Okt 2017 8

This artisanal ice-cream parlour and bakery is situated on Stellenbosch’s buzzy Church Street, between Wakaberry and Bramtons (two other ice-cream spots). Relatively new to gelato scene, it offers 24 delicious, handmade flavours, as well as an array of freshly baked goodies (cakes, macarons, brownies and crêpes), coffee, gourmet milkshakes, and even light lunches.
How it’s served cone or cup.
Wow factor The exotic flavours – that vary daily – such as Blueberry, Berry & Crème, Turkish Delight & Top Deck, Malva, Romany or Lemon Cheesecake, and Salted Caramel.
Contact 021 886 5116,
Location Creme de Levain, 7 – 15 Church Street, Stellenbosch


10 Okt 2017 9

These unique, family-run gelateria produce unforgettable scoops of happiness
using a traditional, age-old recipe. Full-cream, hormone-free cow’s milk is used in the recipe, with no added animal or vegetable fat, alcohol, gelatine or preservatives included. Those who would like to avoid sugar, you’ll be pleased to know that there are Banting and diabetes-friendly flavours available, but then you’ll have to forego the homemade sugar cones, which are divine.
How it’s served 1 to 3 scoops in a cup or homemade sugar cone; or 500g and 1kg take-away tubs.
Wow factor The five most popular flavours are salted butter caramel, lemon sorbet, chocolate brownies, yoghurt berry crunch and Diabetic hazelnut. But you might want to go for a waffle or pancake with your favourite scoop when visiting the Waterfront and Greenpoint stores.
Contact 021 914 6376,
Location V&A Waterfront (their flagship store), Green Point, Hermanus, Camps Bay, Franschhoek, Somerset Mall, Canal Walk and Cavendish Square


10 Okt 2017 10

These artisanal fruit ice lollies are handmade with real dairy and fresh fruit and no artificial colourants or additives. We love the exotic flavour combinations, such as Peanut Butter Bomb (with swirl of caramel with chocolate coated peanuts), Coconut Lemonade and Pineapple and Chilli.
How it’s served on a stick.
Wow factor Since the lollies are made with fresh ingredients, some of the flavours are seasonally available. This summer make sure you try the refreshing watermelon-and-mint sorbet.
Contact 021 556 1491,
Location Las Paletas, Unit 2, Ebenezer Park, 71 – 73 Killarney Avenue, Killarney Gardens, Cape Town
TIG Reviewer Sharon Kariwo


10 Okt 2017 11

With its pastel palette, this ice-cream parlour has a decidedly vintage feel. The designer waffles are heavenly, as is the gelato, sorbet, frozen yogurt and milkshakes. And don’t forget to pile on the toppings of your choice, which include Cherry Sauce, Turkish Delight, Smarties and Wafers.
How it’s served cup or cone.
Wow factor The crispy sugar cones add another dimension of flavour to your ice cream. And, if you’re a sorbet fan, try the lemon – the perfect calibration of sweet and sour!
Contact: 021 794 8419,
Location Tashas, Shop 55, Constantia Village, Constantia Main Road, Constantia, Cape Town
TIG Reviewer Sharon Kariwo


10 Okt 2017 12

This ice cream truck is the brainchild of sisters, Shahar and Or Peled that aims to bring the fun back into ice cream. Situated at the Waterfront’s Watershed Market, it is the perfect place to cool down and fill-up with a delicious ice cream sandwich. Or catch them on Regent Road, Sea Point where the sisters have their own store. The cookies are baked fresh every day, and they are served with authentic Italian ice cream.
How it’s served Between two cookies, in a cup or a cone.
Wow factor It is a fun way to enjoy ice cream, as you are free to pick two different cookie flavours to enjoy with your ice cream. Choose from flavours such as peanut butter, Oreo, candy crush, butter and choc chips. Why not add some yummy toppings for the ultimate ice cream sandwich?
Contact 083 659 4439,
Location Crumbs & Cream16 Regent Road, Sea Point;
Also find them at The Watershed
TIG Reviewer Sharon Kariwo


10 Okt 2017 13

These ice creams and sorbets are made with fresh, organic, all-natural ingredients sourced from local farms and small producers in the winelands – no additives, preservatives or colourants are used. Also, if you have a special dietary request – if you’re, say, lactose intolerant, a vegan or on the Banting diet – Cold Gold will whip up a tasty ice cream to suit your requirements!
How it’s served cup or cone or take-home tubs of 150ml, 500ml, 1L, 2L, or 5L.
Wow factor In strawberry season – which is now! – the 100% Strawberry Sorbet is heaven in a cup! Made with pure fruit, it’s a healthy and refreshing treat for summer.
Contact 074 182 5510,
Location Cold Gold, Shop 53, Bosman’s Crossing, Distillery Road, Stellenbosch
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For authentic creamy Italian ice cream, IceDream in Hout Bay is the place to go. All ice cream is made on location by owners Luigi and Liana. There are a variety of flavours to choose from, whose names are presented in Italian (with the English translation below). These gelato are available from the store as well as the Bay Harbour Market.
How it’s served: cup or cone.
Wow factor: The vanilla ice cream, made with pods from Zanzibar, is pure ice-cream joy, and the fruit sorbets in raspberry, sour cherry, pink grapefruit and a whole host of other divine flavours are darn good, too.
Contact: 021 790 2496
Location: IceDream, Homeleigh Place, Main Road, Hout Bay, Cape Town
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You’ll find these guys at various markets on different days of the week.They make ice creams, sorbets and frozen yoghurt, using certified organic ingredients that have been sourced from local farms. Their ice creams are decidedly less sweet than others because they extract the natural sweetness from fruit, thereby reducing the amount of sugar added.
How it’s served cone or cup.
Wow factor The exciting flavours they conjure on a regular basis. Try the apple crumble, blueberry cheesecake, cookies and cream or ginger apple carrot sorbet.
Contact 082 975 2552,
You can find them at Earth Fair Food Market Tokai: Wednesday, 3pm – 8.30pm; Saturday, 9am – 2pm
Cape Point Vineyards: Thursday, 4.30pm – 8.30pm
Constantia Waldorf Organic Market: Friday, 10:30am – 3pm
Kirstenbosch Craft Market: Sunday, 9pm – 3pm
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Since it was founded in New York 1961, this premium ice-cream brand has had one mission: the pursuit of the perfect ice cream. The first ice-cream house to come up with decadent flavours such as Cookie & Cream and Chocolate Pralines and Caramel, it paved the way for the next genertaions of gelato.
How it’s served cup or cone.
Wow factor The Belgian Chocolate ice cream – with bits of chocolate that melt in your mouth – is heaven in a cup.
Contact 021 421 0744
Location Häagen-Dazs, Food Court Ground Level, V&A Waterfront
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Made using locally sourced fresh milk, no refined sugar, freshly cut fruit – no frozen or canned products here – Myog’s frozen yoghurt is 98% fat free, making it a healthy option. The innovative menu includes flavours such as Berry, Nutella and Rooibos, with toppings such as seasonal fresh fruit, brownie, fudge, Smarties, almonds, chocolate chips and sprinkle nuts that take it to a whole new level. Myog is environmentally conscious and only uses recyclable and biodegradable cups and containers.
How it’s served cup.
Wow factor The freshly cut fruit, which includes mango, watermelon, apple and pineapple, adds a refreshing element to the frozen yogurts made from fresh milk.
Location Myog Frozen Yoghurt, 50 Kloof Street, Gardens; The Point Center in Sea Point; and Plein Street, Stellenbosch
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wakeberry-best-ice-cream-spotsInspired by “Waka Waka”, Shakira and Freshlyground’s 2010 World Cup anthem, the founders of Wakaberry opened their first store in Durban in 2011. There are now 25 branches all over SA. Made with fresh ingredients and real liquid yogurt (using low-fat milk from free-range farm), the taste is light and fresh.
How it’s served cup.
Wow factor Vanilla frozen yoghurt with a Turkish Delight topping is simple, refreshing and the reason you’ll keep going back for more.
Contact 011 554 4704,
Location Wakaberry in Somerset Mall, Centenary Drive, Somerset West
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Best ice cream spots in Cape Town: Sinnfull Ice Cream
These velvety smooth and densely delicious ice creams are some of the most loved in Cape Town. With a variety of flavours that includes Milktart, Cookies and Cream and Sinnfull Chocolate, you find it hard to decide…
How it’s served cone or cup.
Wow factor Sinnfull’s founder, Brita Sinn, has invented over 700 unique flavours.The intriguingly named 100th Sinn, made with saffron and pistachio, is worth a try.
Contact 021 790 8143
Location Sinnfull Ice Cream, Harbour Road, Hout Bay
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Be blown away by the infinite number of ice cream flavour combinations. What makes N2 Ice Cream so special is the use of liquid nitrogen as a freezing agent. Because the ice cream’s ingredients are frozen so quickly, smaller ice crystals are formed, resulting in an extra smooth texture. Fresh local ingredients, including full-fat milk, vanilla bean, cream, sugar and a ‘secret ingredient’ are blended to order onsite by specially trained ‘Brrr-istas’. This is pure ice cream theatre.
How it’s served cup or cone.
Wow factor Be blown away by the infinite number of ice cream flavour combinations.
Contact 084 516 1818,
Location N2Ice Cream Lab, The Paddocks Shopping Centre, Milnerton
You can also get the ice cream at Val de Vie market in Paarl and Wynberg Boys Market (Caffe Pronto at The Bill Bowden Pavilion)
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A match made in gelato heaven, Lanzerac has partnered with Sinnfull Ice Cream to bring you an exciting range of ice creams. With flavours such as Chardonnay and Butter Pecan; Pinotage, Raspberry and Vanilla; and Sauvignon Blanc and Kiwi Sorbet, it’s the perfect dessert!
How it’s served in a 175ml tub.
Wow factor It’s quite an unusual flavour sensation when you take your first bite, but we love that two of our favourite things have been combined into such a delightfully presented treat.
Contact 021 886 5641,
Location Lanzerac Wine Estate, 1 Lanzerac Road, Stellenbosch
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Made using a secret family recipe, the Kalk Bay cafe’s ice cream is composed of natural ingredients and no eggs or gelatine . The flavours, which taste amazingly like the real thing include black cherry and brandy, peanut butter, cinnamon, liquorice, coffee, coconut, and loads more.
How it’s served sugar cone or tub.
Wow factor Other than the great prices and huge scoops, we love that they change flavours daily, so you always have something new to try. And, as a nod to the environment, they encourage people to return plastic spoons to be washed for re-use, they only use paper tubs and encourage people to use wooden spoons instead.
Contact 021 788 1995
Location Ice Cafe, 93 Main Road, Kalk Bay
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Icezeit best ice cream in cape town
Here you’ll find 12 out of a possible 100 gelato and sorbet flavours, mainly made from fresh fruit, fresh double pasteurised milk and as little sugar as possible. The gelato is made using a warming process that heats up the ingredients to 85 degrees, before being cooled down to four degrees to give the final product a delicious texture and depth.
How it’s served sugar cone or cup.
Wow factor Regardless of the season, there are so many delicious flavours to choose from. Keep a look out for these great flavours lemon, wild-berry and granadilla mango sorbet, or Ferrero Roche, lemon cookie and Malaga Rum raisins. For an extra R4, you can guiltlessly enjoy sugar-free ice cream.
Contact 021 421 0901,
Location Icezeit, Sea Point Pavillion, Beach Road
You can also get the ice cream at Meloncino at the V&A Waterfront; Greek Fisherman at the V&A Waterfront; Lobster & Burger, Bree Street; Roca at Dieu Donné Winefarm in Franschoek; and Steffanie’s place in Sommerset West
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Stefano Moro, Heine van Wyk and Charlene Stephenson met in Milan years ago and, with their shared passion for gelato, visited the Italian foodie capitals of Bologna and Parma, researching and sampling along the way, so they could bring us Moro Gelato.
Here, it’s all about making gelato the way Nonna Moro used to. While touchingly paying tribute to Stefano’s Nonna, they combine their collective passion with the same real flavours and high standards she once used.
Moro’s creamy gelato is freshly made each day from pure local ingredients, while its sorbets are made using seasonal, juicy fruits. Aside from its Woodstock shop, Moro sells its products at the Oranjezicht City Farm Market from a beautiful cart – and we can barely contain our excitement because they will be opening a shop in Long Street soon too!
How it’s served cone or cup, as well as takeaway tubs (or ‘couch boxes’) in 500ml or 1kg tubs.
Wow factor We love the pistachio, caffe (rich coffee), cioccolato (deep dark chocolate) gelato, and the pomegranate and Marchese sorbet!
Contact 021 448 5272,
Location Moro Gelato, 7 Ravenscraig Road, Mason’s Press, Unit 011, Woodstock, Cape Town
You can also get the ice cream at Oranjezicht City Farm Market, Granger Bay, Cape Town.




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