Some news from one of our partners…

“Dear Airjaws friends!

Winter is here and that means it is the peak season for the Great White Sharks at Seal Island, False Bay – home to the “flying” Great White Sharks of South Africa! African Shark Eco-Charters offers you the unique opportunity of experiencing “AIRJAWS”,  the magnificent breaching behaviour that only happens a few months of the year, and invites you to enjoy a fun-filled trip observing natural predations, breaching and shark diving. Check out our “Airjaws” tour video on Youtube.

With us, you can go scuba diving, and no experience is needed. To be able to stay submerged and not have to come up for air is amazing. You can really settle in and get a full sense of all the details that make up the unique underwater world around Seal Island. You can actually witness how the great white sharks move through their environment so effortlessly and remarkably, quite gracefully, for such a large animal.

Let  African Shark Eco-Charters warm your guests up this winter with a heart pumping experience of being with one of nature’s top predators!  ‘

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