Cape Point Ostrich Farm

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The Cape Point Ostrich Farm was established in 1996 and turned into an ostrich breeding farm by the vision of Angelika Coelle. The 65ha farm was undeveloped and only the ruins of the 19th century Cape Dutch style buildings were visible underneath the growth of many years.

Dr. Coelle and his wife Angelika had a vision and within the year they had accomplished to turn the dormant land into a natural landscape breeding farm.

The family run business has passed into the 2nd generation and is now managed by the children.

Trading hours: open daily from 9:30 – 17:30

Also offer:

Guided Tours – You are most welcome to join us on a guided tour of the farm. Our well trained team will be more then happy to show you around and give you detailed information about the life cycle of an ostrich from egg to the adult bird.

ostrich tour

Restaurant – Ostrich meat is one of the healthiest red meats you can eat as it has less fat than fish and nearly no Cholesterol.

ostrich meat

Leather Shop – People who love quality leather will appreciate our wide selection of exquisite ostrich leather products.

ostrich shop

Egg Shop – We have a wide variety of ostrich eggs and pride ourselves in supporting our local artists.

ostrich egg

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