Seal Island – Simon’ Town

A boat trip to Seal Island in False Bay is another great way to spend a few hours. Seal Island is some 16 kilometres off the coast of Simon’s Town and is a popular feeding ground for that ultimate of predators, the Great White shark.  Visitors may even be lucky enough to see these oft misunderstood fish breaching, erupting through the ocean’s surface in pursuit of its prey, often the Cape Fur Seal.


More than 75 000 of these seals live on the appropriately named island, explaining the presence of the large numbers of sharks in the area.

10 nov

One could also enjoy a diving experience with Animal Ocean Seal Snorkeling – an amazing adventure in the water. This experience is for everyone, you do not need any previous snorkelling experience, just the ability to swim.

Information source: Cape Town Travel

Picture source: Geoff Spiby