Sharks help Reduce Global Warning


Sharks help Reduce Global Warning

Wishful thinking? No, not all according to Australian Scientists.

Many sea creatures and sea turtles eat carbon-rich sea grasses, so when the sharks eat these creatures – they are not only getting an energy supply for themselves, but helping global warming too. Who said sharks cant multi-task!

This just goes to show just how spectacular these creatures are, not that we didn’t already know this, but this is more confirmation how important sharks are to the environment and well-being of our planet.

A study was conducted after a shark culling programme was carried out in Australia. The study showed that due to fewer sharks in the area, sea turtle numbers increased which meant that there was a whole lot more sea grass being eaten.

The act of eating the sea grass releases carbon, which ends up accelerating climate change.

So in essence, the more turtles the sharks eat, slows down global warming, in my book that brings a whole new meaning to ’’Go Sharks’’.

(By Rob Lawrence|November 6th, 2015|Tour Happening’s)

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