Warrior Toy Museum in Simon’s Town

Toy Musuem Simons Town

When: Open Monday-Sunday 10:00-16:00
St George’s Street, Simon’s Town (Right next to the Town Hall)
+2721 786 1395
What to expect:
Great display and selection of Olden day Toys

Curator Percy Van Zyl has created a port to people’s childhoods. The Warrior Toy Museum in Simon’s Town is home to a variety of toys that triggers the memories of the oldest of men as they walk among the displays of beloved objects of old.

Toy Musuem Simons Town Cape Town

The Warrior Toy Museum has a permanent display of 4000 model cars.

The model cars to be seen vary in style from old classy early 21th century vehicles to Ian Flemming’s famous 1920’s racing car Chitty-Chitty Bang-Bang and Mr Bean’s infamous yellow Mini…

Grown men turn into boys as they look upon two fully operating railroads with trains, other model ships, boats, aeroplanes and assorted toys.

Toy Musuem Simonstown South Africa

The model construction system created in England in 1901 named Mecano also has various displays in the museum and stirs the hearts of those who now work in the field and once only dreamed of becoming an engineer or designer. These toys not only excites the older and more mature visitor, but also the children as they see and appreciate beautiful toys that are no longer as much valued in their generation.

Alongside the transportation toys, there are also some lead soldier displays.

Two impressive displays include a battalion of toy soldiers warding off Zulus attacking with spears in ox-formation and also a full Nazi parade with marching Hitler Youth and a small Adolf Hitler saluting his army…

Another interesting display is a circus tent full of acrobatic figures and an Asah miniature piano.

Toy Musuem Simons Town

The girls twirl around some 500 dolls, teddy bears, dollhouses and rooms. Many elegant glassy-eyed porcelain dolls with the most beautiful vintage detail and lace also brings to life the memories that have long gone been stored somewhere inside.

The Warrior Toy Museum is a great outing for the family and a fun break from traditional, more serious museums.