#WDC411Ukusela eKapa

Ukusela eKapa aims to bring an original functional ceramic piece of art into about 10 000 households in Cape Town.


​Ukusela eKapa aims to make the people of Cape Town aware of WDC2014 by their hands-on participation in a collaborative project that will involve many people directly – at schools, hospitals, parliament, businesses, sport events and more. Each participant will make an imprint on soft clay in the shape of a drinking vessel – an ikomityi – and write their name + age on the base. As proof of their participation, each one will receive a keyring that advertises WDC2014 + Ukusela eKapa.
Towards the end of the year, in November 2014, mass public installations will be done with the ikomityi that were manufactured. The public art will reach many more people, as they can go to view an installation venue + photos of the other installations across Cape Town. At these installations, participants can present their keyrings in exchange for an ikomityi. They will receive a random vessel – either made by a fellow Capetonian or a visitor to this beautiful city.
Ukusela eKapa will place this handmade, functional, beautifully designed ceramic object in many households in the Cape, as reminder that design is integral to everything we do.

Picture and information source: V&A Waterfront

For more information visit: http://www.waterfront.co.za/events/Family/ukusela-ekapa