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Great White Shark cage diving in Cape Town and Gansbaai, South Africa is the number 1 for most on their bucket list! This is one of the greatest experiences that you will ever experience being only inches away from a Great White Shark protected by a steel cage.

The best place in the world for the shark cage diving is Gansbaai at Shark Alley which is a channel of water between two Islands Dyer Island and Geyser Rock, 4 miles offshore from Kleinbaai. Geyser Rock has a huge population of 60,000 Cape Fur seals and Dyer Island hosts many bird species as well as a colony of Penguins. The boats work around both Islands and in the channel where the Great White Sharks roam. Fish heads, Pilchards, Anchovy oil and other fish products are used to entice the sharks to the boat.

The Sharks already in the area and the crew on the boat work hard to attract the sharks and keep them interested in the boat and the divers in the cage rather than looking for prey. Should you wish to see a Great White Shark launch ( breach ) out the water which is famously known in False Bay as ‘Air Jaws’ then Seal Island near Cape Town is the prime place in the world for this.

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Great White Shark Cage Diving Trip

  • Breakfast on arrival
  • Drinks & Snacks on board
  • Light lunch After trip
  • All gear inclusive
  • Towels
  • Hot showers

Trip Summary

Should you be staying in Cape Town and are not driving to Gansbaai your shuttle will collect you from your hotel early in the morning. After an approximate 2 and a half hour ride you’ll arrive in Gansbaai at the shark diving crew house. Breakfast will be served at the crew house where you will be briefed on your trip. For those who have their own transport it is suggested that you stay over in Gansbaai to save the long drive on the day to your tour. We have a guesthouse in Gansbaai and can accommodate you or help you book in any other accommodation options.

Following breakfast at the crew house, take a short walk down to Kleinbaai harbour where all eight shark diving boats are based. During the winter months the boats will take a 15 minute ride out to Shark Alley and in summer time will go just off the beach where a suitable spot to anchor will be found.

Once anchored the crew will immediately start to chum the water with fish based products, like tuna and fish oil to attract the sharks. With the chum in the water all you can do now is wait for the first shark to arrive and hopefully this happens quickly. When the first shark is in sight the divers will kit up and get in the cage where they will be up close and personal with this fierce animal. It’s around this time when you will get a chance to get into the cage and share the waters with this extreme predator but there’s no pressure and if you wish to remain on the boat and not get into the cage you are welcome to do so. For those who don’t want to cage dive then viewing the sharks from the boat is exceptional and sometimes even better than in the cage.

After this amazing experience we will pass through the famous Shark Alley (In Season) where a colony of 60, 000 seals can be seen at Geyser Rock. Back at the crew house we will watch the video footage of the day and enjoy tea or coffee.


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