mariner guest house whale watching

Amazing sighting & pictures by Jean Tresfon offshore Kommetjie.


Probably the cleanest water I’ve ever seen on the Atlantic Seaboard. This image of Llandudno Beach at the foot of Klein Leeukoppie.


Humpback whales on the move… Note the two cape fur seals at bottom right. The seals were all over the whales, splashing and playing and generally making a nuisance of themselves!


A lonely looking southern right whale in the shallows near Blouberg.


A massive feeding aggregation of over 50 humpback whales lunging through the suface and grabbing huge mouthfuls of krill. Upon sighting the group my first thought was that they were a big pod of common dolphins… no way so many animals could be whales! Then I realised that they were actually humpbacks!!! Each of these animals can weigh around 36 tons, thats a lot of hungry mouths to feed!