Kenilworth Indoor Karting

South Africa’s best indoor karting venue…Diners Club Magazine survey.

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This is Indoor Kart Racing – South Africa’s most accessible, inexpensive, mega-excitement sport. The adrenaline rush of racing a high-tech kart at high speed around a twisty racetrack as you jostle for position against other drivers can only be duplicated in sports such as bungi jumping and skydiving. Yet karting is a neighbourhood sport, easy to do and much less expensive than jumping off a bridge or out of an aircraft.

From a safety viewpoint, close supervision of all racing is strictly maintained to ensure that no dangerous driving takes place. Kenilworth Karting has an excellent safety record and a novice may venture onto the track without fear. Many ladies also race at Kenilworth Karting and our ladies lap record is only fractionally slower than the best time.

Some of the famous drivers who have enjoyed racing at our tight circuit include:
Sarel v/d Merwe, Ben Morgenhood, Shaun v/d Linde, Terry Moss, Chris Aberdeen and Mike Briggs.

The corporate world has also discovered karting and Kenilworth Karting has many client and staff events each month.

Kenilworth Karting, behind Access Park in Kenilworth , delivers a top quality product to its customers – a fast, well-built track, high-quality, regularly maintained karts, electronic timing and results printouts and above all, a modern, clean racing environment. But be warned, most of our customers are regulars who come along to Kenilworth Karting again and again. So, once you have tasted the thrill of an actual race, prepare yourself for more and more.

Kenilworth Carting

                                                                                                              Pictures by: Kenilworth Carting


– Corporate catering
– Shop and fast foods (coming soon), refreshments
– Games and pool tables
– Parking for over 100 cars


– “Arrive and drive”
– Grands Prix
– Endurance
– Special and Block bookings
– Children’s parties


Fully race-tarred 310 meter track.
140cc GP Junior karts for the little ones.
Replica of Killarney Race Track.
160cc racing karts with hydraulic brakes and slick tyres.
Full safety briefings before every race.
Helmets and disposalable hair nets to all drivers.
Computer printouts after every race.

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