Simon’s Town beaches

Here are six lovely Simon’s Town beaches.

  1. Fisherman’s Beach Simon’s Town: beyond the golf course. This is a very popular beach and most tourist know about it. Here you’ll get some big swells and surf. But not in surf board surf. From here you can walk all along the shore to Windmill Beach. Beautiful.
  2. Windmill Beach Simon’s Town: Lovely beach. Just go there and walk around. It’s behind the golf course. It’s a popular wedding venue or setting. I love it early in the morning just before sunrise.
  3. Simon’s Town Boulder’s Beach: This is part of Cape Nature and very popular with locals and tourists. You have to pay to get access. But the penguins share the beach with you. Very secluded beach and if the sun shines the kids play.
  4. Seaforth Beach Simon’s Town: This is a lovely small beach with a few penguins. You can see these penguins in the late afternoon or early mornings. This is a safe kids swimming beach.
  5. Long Beach Simon’s Town: This beach is behind the station. It’s long with no real surf. In the morning and afternoons the beach is popular with local dog owners.
  6. Fisherman’s Beach on your way to Glen Cairn: You will find very few people here. It’s a great beach with small surf. If you like being on your own most of the time this little beach is ideal.

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