Short walks around Simon’s Town


There are some really nice walks in the heart of Simon’s Town. Here is a couple:

The Waterfall
Start at the Shell Petrol Station in town. Walk up the steps to the left of the garage. Follow the steep roads up the hill looking for the “ski lift” pylons which will lead you to Barnard Street. The path to the waterfall begins where the road ends and it is an easy flattish path. It should take no more than 20 minutes to get from the start to the waterfall. Depending on where you start this is a relatively easy walk/hike and suitable for most people of reasonable mobility. The waterfall doesn’t flow all year. Mainly in winter unless we have had summer rains. It has a small catchment area but is quite spectacular from the top when in full flow. Once you reach the pool, dip your toes into the cool, refreshing water while enjoying the natural beauty around you. The fall and back is about 1.2km.

Just Nuisance Grave
The grave of our famous dog is at the top of the hill above Simon’s Town and while it is a tough climb up the steps to the top, the view is well worth it. The mountain steps begin on Barnard Street and lead up to the Navy Signals area where the grave is located.

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