Simon’s Town, oh how we love you.

No caption needed, says it all!
Come and stay with us at Mariner Guesthouse & Villa in Simon’s Town and experience all the magic our beautiful town has to offer.
“Simon’s Town is a real-life destination that comes to mind when you think of “idyllic beach town”. It’s slower paced than the nearby Cape Town but dripping with eclectic coffee shops, local artisans, fabulous vintage shopping spaces of oddities and curios alike. As you drive in you are greeted by colourful shops and you can’t help but want to ditch the car and grab a bicycle!
Simon’s Town boasts an impressive history connected to the South African Navy and the African Penguin. It also has a local 4-legged legend named Just Nuisance that encapsulates the nostalgia of the sea-folk of the town and the interesting animals alike, he even has his own wine! On top of this, Simon’s Town hosts fantastic surfing spots and real local “fish ‘n chips” shops that you must visit ….”
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