South African Navy Festival

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The annual festival hosts a range of kid- and family-friendly activities and gives fans of maritime history and seafaring combat the chance to experience a real naval base first-hand.

The festival gets into the swing of things with a family- friendly community parade happening on Saturday, 10am. Those wanting to attend should be sure to wear some comfortable shoes. If the idea of seeing military weaponry in action sounds like fun – then be sure to attend the St George’s shoot happening at 8pm on the same day at the Lower North Battery.

Those who relish in aquatic warfare can explore some of Cape Town’s largest and most impressive warships and submarines and witness the disciplined perfection of a Navy precision drill. Alternatively, the less combative (or those with junior sailors) can simply hop on one of the tug boats for a sail around the harbour.

Revelers of all ages can also look forward to impressive displays from the SA Navy base and the diving squad, as well as the popular night gunnery shoot, an exhibition during which a flare is discharged into the night sky and snipers try to hit it with blank bullets (the SA Navy’s answer to fireworks). Not to mention, as a pre-event treat.

Hungry and thirsty patrons can rejoice as the festival also hosts a wide variety of food and drink stalls kitted out to satisfy any appetite, and the little ones will have ample time and space to expend their energy at the kiddies play area.


Event details
Date: 17,18 and 19 March
Time: 10h00 till 18h00
Venue: Navy Dock Simon’s Town
Ticket Price: Free

Please note:
*Children 12 years & under will be given free wrist bands at the gate
*No Food & Drinks allowed to be brought onto the premises
*Due to traffic congestion and limited parking please use Metrorail trains to come to the festival. There will be shuttle trains from Retreat to Simon’s Town train stations.
*No Pets Allowed

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