Let’s go Kayaking!

Start your week the right way and book an adventure with Kayak Cape Town and explore Simon’s Town like never before. For more information visit their website at www.kayakcapetown.co.za and book your super fun activity today!

Cape Point

At the tip of the Cape Peninsula 60 km south-west of Cape Town, lies Cape Point; a declared Natural World Heritage Site. Encompassing 7 750 hectares of rich and varied flora and fauna; abounding with buck, baboons and Cape Mountain Zebra as well as over 250 species of birds, Cape Point is a nature enthusiast’s paradise. …

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Seals of South Africa

The seals of South Africa : Seals belong to the order Pinnipedia of which there are 33 species worldwide. These fall into two categories. Fur seals – Otariidae – or sea lions, have external ears and hind limbs that can be rotated forward to allow them to walk and climb on land. True seals – Phocidae – have hind limbs that cannot …

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