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The Simon's Town Cape Peninsula Mobile App


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The Cape Peninsula is a generally rocky peninsula with Fynbos covered mountains, that juts out into the Atlantic Ocean at the south-western extremity of the African continent. At the southern end of the peninsula are Cape Point and the Cape of Good Hope. On the northern end is Table Mountain, overlooking Cape Town, South Africa. The peninsula is 52 km long from Mouille point in the north to Cape Point in the south.

The peninsula was once an island, but about sixty million years ago it was joined to the mainland by the emergence from the sea of the sandy area now known as the Cape Flats. The towns and villages of the Cape Peninsula now form part of the City of Cape Town Metropolitan Municipality.

The Cape of Good Hope is sometimes given as the meeting point of the Atlantic Ocean and Indian Ocean, and the west coast of the Peninsula is colloquially referred to as the “Atlantic Coast”,with the western (False Bay) side sometimes referred to as the “Indian Ocean Coast”. However, according to the International Hydrographic Organization agreement that defines the ocean boundaries, the meeting point is at Cape Agulhas, about 200 km (120 mi) to the southeast.

Standing at the Cape of Good Hope lighthouse looking out at the ocean, it certainly feels like the most southern point of Africa.

Similarly, Cape Point is not the fixed meeting point of the Benguela Current, running north from the Antarctic and up the west coast of Africa, and the Agulhas Current, running south from the equator along the east coast of Africa. The meeting point fluctuates along the southern and southwestern Cape coast, usually occurring between Cape Agulhas and Cape Point.